Monday, September 1, 2008

Addie and Daddie

I know this is Addie and Mommie's Bloggie, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to post about Addie and Daddie every once and a while too :-) Especially when you take pictures as cute as this one! Addie was on day 3 of her cold yesterday and all she wanted to do was nap...for once in her life...but it had to be on mommy or daddy's chest. It was SO GREAT to have Eric home to help because I couldn't spend another minute in the rocking chair. In fact, when this cold is over, I might set fire to the rocking chair in the front yard. But like I said before...we will do anything for our little peanut. Colds are miserable and if cuddling is all it takes to make her feel better...we are all for it. 
So Addie and Daddie spent most of the day playing, cuddling and watching TV. At one point Eric looked at me and said "maybe I could be a stay-at-home Dad...this is aswesome!". I could have jumped back with my usual defense "do think this is all I do all day?" but I decided to let this one go. I was so appreciative of the 20 minute shower I took yesterday and the warm, uninterupted dinner I ate that I didn't feel like spoiling a good thing. Ahh...the things that bring me joy now that I'm a mommy :-)

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  1. So cute!

    And Oh my goodness. I think we even have the same couch!