Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go Baby Go!

Looking for a great toy for babies who LOVE to crawl and pull themselves up on things? If need to check out the Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle. When we were over at cousin Audrey's house last week, all the babies huddled around this one toy. We couldn't get them away from it! And with so much going on, they were all entertained at the same time, instead of fighting over one toy. I have searched around and it seems like Toys-R-Us and Amazon have the best prices to buy it new. However, eBay and Amazon always have great deals on used toys too. After seeing how long this toy entertained Addie, Audrey and Nia the other day, I hope Santa has this on his list ;-)

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  1. Yesterday, my husband and I bought that for Emma for Christmas. That'll be her one gift from us and I think it'll entertain her for hours too!


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