Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day: Part II

Well...Turkey Day: Part II was a success! We had two DELICIOUS turkeys: one prepared and oven-cooked by my sister-in-law Diana and one deep fried by my darling hubby. Both turkeys turned out perfectly (see for yourself in the pic). We also had TONS of other yummy sides. I honestly can't get enough of Thanksgiving food. Between my mom's veggie/cheese casserole, my mother-in-laws sweet potatoes, and my grandma's cranberry cups...I don't know how I even had room for dessert! But as you can see, we had PLENTY of desserts thanks to a marathon bake session between Diana and my Dad on Friday. I contributed the pumpkin trifle...but didn't quite get to it after eating a slice of pie, 2 or 8 cream puffs AND a taffy apple. I seriously gained all my baby weight back yesterday. Oh was SO worth it! I think Addie would agree. She had her first Thanksgiving feast yesterday and she loved everything she tried. I think the cranberries were her favorite though :-) 
Overall, I would say this was the best Thanksgiving ever! No family drama, no emotional breakdowns, no kitchen fires, no name-calling (except for when I called Eric a jerk off when he wouldn't smile for a picture) and best of tantrums! Addie was such a good girl yesterday and it was SO much fun watching her eat her first turkey dinner...even if it was all mashed and pureed :-) It was a fantastic Turkey Day at the Davis household. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! Now...bring on Christmas!!

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