Monday, December 8, 2008

Addie is 9 Months Old!!!

I can't believe it! Our little peanut is 9 months old!! I remember hanging my stockings last year thinking "at this time next year...we will have a 9 month old baby!" It was so hard to believe and now that the time has come, we can't remember life without her. She has her own little stocking hanging on the fireplace and as you can imagine, it is already filled with goodies. I know she won't understand what Christmas is about this year, but it doesn't make it any less fun for us. Her grandmas have already gone overboard on her with gifts and I am not much better. I just can't wait to wake up with her on Christmas morning. I am sure she will be more interested in the wrapping paper than the actual gifts but who long as she is having a blast. Howie loves Christmas too because he always gets a new stuffed animal to rip to shreds. I will be cleaning up cotton stuffing for a solid month. But again, I don't really mind as long as he has fun too. Yay! Only 3 more weeks to wait!!! 

So to celebrate Addie's 9 month birthday, we went to the pediatrician for her check-up. But the real gift today was that she didn't have to have any shots!!! Woohoo! A doctors visit with no tears. Those are my favorite. So here are her stats:

Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces (75th percentile)
Length: 29 1/2 inches (over 100th percentile)

So as you can see, she is long and lean like a pair of Gap jeans. I was always the same way growing up. I am sure she is leaning up because of all the moving she does. She crawls and climbs all day long! She loves pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and I know we are only a hearbeat away from walking. Maybe by 10 months. We will see!! The pedi said we can start giving her whatever we are eating for meals now too (aside from the highly allergenic foods like peanuts, shellfish, etc). This is very exciting because she has been eyeing up my plate of food for weeks! Maybe she will get a little of our spaghetti tonight. Yummy! Well there you have it...another month older and still just as cute as can be.


  1. So exciting! Isaac just had his 4 month check up... complete with shots... ugh, but we are starting him on solid foods tonight! Yummy rice cereal for Isaac! :-) She is just too cute! We should set up a play date soon!

  2. I know! We really should get together. How exciting that you get to start cereal! I couldn't wait :-) I was surprised how much she liked it right from the start. I guess that is why she was in the 100th percentile for weight up until now. Hahaha!


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