Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Reason to Be Thankful I am a SAHM

If there is one thing I absolutely do not miss about working a full time's the commute. I use to drive roughly an hour to and from work 5 days a week. No thanks. There were some days that I literally wanted to drive my car off a cliff. Road rage isn't a strong enough phrase to describe what I had, ESPECIALLY during a snow and/or ice storm. So as I watch good old Tom Skilling's weather report on WGN tonight, I realize that I need to thank God (and Eric) every day for giving me the opportunity to stay home with my babe. According to Skilling, tomorrow morning's commute is going to be a rough one with the snow and ice storm we have moving into the area. So while my poor hubby sits in his car tomorrow morning going 5 miles an hour, drinking a Monster Energy and dropping the F-bomb like its his job...I will be at home in my favorite Gap robe watching The Grinch with Addie. I guess I better "thank" him again tonight :-)


  1. and it's another reason i'm thankful to be a teacher. happy snow day, girl!

  2. Yea! The drive is not fun, you are correct and I'm also thankful that I get to stay home w/ my babes. I worked 1 school year 2 years ago (the year I got pregnant W/ my youngest) and I hated being away from the kids. On the other hand, it did help me to appreciate getting to stay at home more. Have a warm day!

  3. I will be thinking of all of you today as I am sitting at my desk after a 1 hour commute this morning. Could have been worse - it took be 3 hours to get home on Tuesday! Enjoy your day in your warm houses! :-( for me!


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