Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby Yoga

That's it! I figured out what class Addie and I are going to take this winter. Baby yoga. It seems that Addie has been secretly learning moves behind my back because she mastered the "downward facing dog" today. The first few times she did it I thought it was just a fluke. But nope....she has learned to do the downward dog and she likes showing off her new ability. I know this is just a beginner move, so I am not too worried that she will surpass me in the yoga department. However, if she magically starts doing the "one-legged king pigeon pose", I'll know she is up to something. 


  1. I love that she already knows yoga. She must be a Yoga genious! She is for sure cute

  2. this is so cute. tell your mama to knit addie some yoga socks.
    well, i was going to try to find your email addy to tell you about a gift i know your mom would love, but i see they are no longer in business.
    so never mind. tee hee


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