Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas at Great Grandmas!

We had Christmas at my Grandma's boyfriend Richard's house last night. Grandma has a boyfriend :-) Grams and Richard have been dating for several years now and I am so happy that they both found each other. My grandpa passed away many years ago, as did Richard's wife, and I know they were both equally lonely. So when Grandma introduced us to Richard a few years ago, we were all so happy. They two of them love to travel, make crafts, go to Bingo and spoil their grandchildren. I think being together keeps them young :-) So anyway, Grams and Richard decided to host Christmas this year and it was so much fun!! Richard bought Addie the adorable bib and Santa hat she is wearing. I am shocked she left it on as long as she did. She was so busy checking everything out last night she probably forgot she was even wearing it! She was mesmerized by the Christmas tree, the train, my Grandma's dog name it! I wonder how she will react tonight and tomorrow when she sees all the prezzies her Grandmas and Grandpas surely got her :-) Only a few more hours to wait. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!

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