Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Do Kids Really Like These Guys?

I don't know what it is...but I have to have the TV on in my house during the day. I am not even watching it most of the time but I just leave it on for background noise. I use to keep E! or The Weather Channel on all day but now that I have Addison, I feel like it is more appropriate to have the Disney Channel on in the background instead. So after 4 months of staying home with Addie every day, I have learned ALL the songs to ALL the cartoons on the Disney Channel. I sing the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Club House in my sleep and even caught myself watching episodes of Hannah Montana WHILE ADDIE WAS SLEEPING! I had the opportunity to change the channel but I didn't! I watched like 2 episodes! So sad. But anyway, there is one particular show that I just can't stand. For one thing, I find the songs totally annoying and the worst part is that these characters are FREAKY!!! I believe they are called The Doodlebops or something? Kids seem to love them but I just can't understand why. They are almost as scary as clowns (okay...I might be exaggerating. Clowns are scary hell). But still...I just can't understand what is appealing about this show? Why do kids love them so much? Addison only pays attention to the TV two times a day...when the Hot Dog song is on and when Little Einsteins rev up rocket (you are as sad as I am if you know what I am talking about :-) I am just glad she doesn't like The Doodlebop show because I can't watch them anymore. I am starting to get nightmares like I did as a kid. Yikes!


  1. I do the SAME thing! And funny enough, J does too! We especially like the iCarly one. haha!

  2. dont feel bad...i watch disney too but the doodlebops are TOTALLY FREAKY!! kids love them because they're brightly colored and sing. the same goes for the wiggles who are less freaky but still weird because they're 4 dudes in tight colored clothing.... oh, and i can whistle along with the little einsteins song and my baby isnt even here yet =)

  3. Oh, I hate the doodlebops..I don't let Ryan watch them but I don't think he wants to anyway. He likes the wiggles, mickey mouse clubhouse, the backyardigans, and yo gabba gabba. The guy on there seems strange but I think he likes the characters and the songs. I also find myself singing along and saying stuff from these shows!! haha Especially the hot dog song!! lol Pitiful I know! :)


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