Sunday, December 7, 2008

Girl's Cookie Bake Day

One of my favorite holiday traditions has always been baking with my Mom. It use to be just her and I (since my brothers weren't into baking) but when Diana joined our family, we decided it was time to start a new tradition. Girls Cookie Bake Day. My Dad is also an awesome baker, but for this particular occasion, he was banned to the garage with my brother :-) 

We decided that this should be a special tradition that all of us girls make the time to do each year. My mom...being the crafty woman she is...even mad us all personalized aprons for the big day. Don't they look cute?? Meagan was given her official apron this year since she will be joining the Mueller family come next November. Addison also got to enjoy her first girls cookie bake today and she had so much fun! She mostly just sucked on cooking utensils and crawled around the kitchen...but I still think she had a blast. Her apron says "Little Princess"...could that be more appropriate? I just thought she needed an apron too since all the girls were wearing them.

Well we made TONS of delicious cookies today. Maybe too many. If you know me and plan to see me in the next two better believe you are going home with a tin :-) We tried a lot of great new recipes (thanks in large part to my BFF Martha Stewart) and I can't decide which is my favorite! I guess I better test them all again tonight :-) But before I end this post, I wanted to share my favorite recipe of all time:

Mom's Recipe for Love

Take a cup or two of laughter,
And a pinch of good advice,
Pour in patience by the bowlfull,
Then stir it once of twice.
Fold in lots of hugs and kisses,
And a mother's gentle care.
Cook until it's nice and warm,
And spread it everywhere.


  1. I love to visit around the blogs at Christmas time reading about families having fun and finding new recipes. Addie is just precious! I think that you might enjoy visiting our website and reading our blog. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a great time had by all.

  3. Jen, my husband's family does the same thing! All his aunts and girl cousins get together and bake cookies and desserts for Christmas Eve! We even have our own personalized aprons as well! Now Emma can join too! So much fun!


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