Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mama Needs a Little Pampering

I often forget what life was like before having a baby. I forget what it was like to shower without at least two sets of eyes on me (Just to clarify...I am talking about Addie and Howie). I forget what it was like to do my hair AND make-up, instead of just picking one. I forget what it was like to actually have the energy to wash my face before going to bed. If you notice, this all comes down to time...or lack there of. I miss pampering myself because I always feel so good after giving myself a manicure, applying a face mask, leaving a conditioning treatment on my hair, etc. But I just don't have the time for a lot of these things anymore so I have to find a way to pamper myself without spending a lot of time doing it. I have a few fast pampering products that I LOVE. Here are just a few that I use on a regular basis:

1. Queen Helene's Mint Julep Clay Mask. This mask only takes two minutes to dry so you can apply it in the shower. It smells GREAT and leaves my skin so soft and clean. Word of caution, don't put it on and then go get your baby up from a nap. You will most likely scare the crap out of them.

2. Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream. Even if I haven't had a chance to give myself a manicure in say...oh...2 months, this cuticle cream will make my nails look like I was just at the salon.

3. Burt's Bees Banana Hand Cream. This stuff smells so good you could eat it! And it keeps my hands soft even after washing them 900 times a day with a baby.

4. Softlips Pearl chapstick. I like the feeling of a medicated chapstick (you know...with a little tingle) and since I never wear lipstick, this at least gives me a hint of shimmer so I don't look like death warmed over.

5. Aqua Eye Pillow from The Body Shop. You can keep it in the fridge and grab it right before bed. It really helps take away the puffiness under my eyes. Another not fall asleep in it if you have somewhere to be in the morning. The elastic band holding on the eye pillow WILL leave indents on your face. Not cute. 

So now I have shared 5 of my favorite quick pampering products. I would love to know what all of you can't live without. I have some serious dark circles under my eyes so if you have any miracle eye creams you can't live without...let me know about those too. Santa is still looking for some stocking stuffers for me :-)


  1. you are so speaking my language now. cosmetics are my favorite thing in the world.
    i'll try to keep this simple. i loves:
    *philosophy real purity cleanser. it's all i use as it also takes off eye makeup like a champ.
    *burt's bees cuticle stuff. i can't remember the name, but i have tins of it stashed everywhere.
    *kiehl's lip balm no. 1. it's a classic.
    also in rotation are:
    *rosebud salve, burt's bees stick balm and mac lip conditioner
    *diorshow mascara in rotation with lancome hypnose and benefit's bad gal (i have a little mascara problem)
    *my lush bath products would be a post in themselves, i'm afraid.
    *benefit honey snap out of it facial scrub. i use it every morning
    *benefit's benetint cheek color and tarte's stick cheek color
    ok, this is way more than you asked for, so i'll stop now

    i'm not sure there's anything you can do topically for undereye circles. i've had salespeople ID me as italian because of mine, but that's not your issue. they say caffeine makes them worse. i choose coffee. even i'm not THAT vain! tee hee

  2. rock. Why aren't we shopping together? I need to go to Benefit I see. The honey snap out of it scrub sounds fabulous. I also need to get my hand on mac lip conditioner. So you use Lush too? I LOVE that stuff. Mom and I went nuts there last Christmas. I think we need another trip :-) What do you like for your shampoo? I know you have a short hair cut but I need some serious body in mine!

  3. Oooh! oh! Bare Escentuals. Anything they make. Trust me.

  4. bare escentials don't work for me because it has a bit of a sheen. it makes me look greasy, sort of like a glazed donut. but i like the neutrogena version.

    i switch off between pureology shampoo and big sexy hair.

    yes, i discovered lush about 12 years ago. i used to do swaps with a girl in canada for it. then i ran into the shop in san fran and came home loaded down with it! natalie and i go to the store in chicago sometimes, or i order it online.

    honey snap out of it rocks because you can also use it as a mask. i do the same with kiehl's pineapple scrub. i do love me some kiehl's, too.

    yes, this is my biggest vice. i have proof. after the fire? insurance payout? $1800 for lipsticks. yeah. i'm not exaggerating. (embarrassed, me???)

  5. Hahaha! $1800 for lipstick!! You are so funny :-) I bet it was fun replenishing your stock! I will have to give Pureology a try next time I am at Ulta.

    Christina - I really like Bare Escentuals but one time they were out of my color so the girl recommended I give Pur Minerals a try and I REALLY liked it. It is a pressed mineral powder,which I like...less messy :-) Once it is gone, I will have to decide to which brand to stick with. I just love the mineral powders because I feel like they cover my issues so much better. Haha! How is that little man of yours doing?

  6. How fun. Basically I can run into Sephora and buy the entire store. :) Some of my favorites?

    Mascara: Fiberwig. Instead of putting goopy stuff on, it attaches little black fibers to your lashes which extends them as well.

    Under eye "de-puffer": Ooh La Lift by Benefit. This stuff works miracles.

    Lip Gloss: Any Cargo lip glosses. They come in cute little tins, and if you buy certain ones - you get 2tones in one tin. My favorite? Soho.

    Blush: The best one I've found so far is actually Cover Girl in Soft Mink. It's really natural looking and cheap!

    Shampoo/Conditioner: I absolutely love "Halo" by Graham Webb. I like the volume stuff (it's pink and it smells fabulous). For less expesive stuff, Tresemme is actually wonderful and it costs about 4 dollars for a huge bottle! :)

  7. Little man is good... growing like crazy! I can't believe it!

    I've never tried any other variety of mineral makeup... but you girls are sparking my curiosity.

  8. You girls are awesome!!! I have SO many stocking stuffer ideas now. Although, I will have to go buy them myself because Eric asked if he could buy Benefit cosmetics at 7

  9. you know there's a benefit store downtown naperville, right?
    he could do what dan does and shop online.
    and you're welcome. i could talk beauty products all day long.

  10. Oh, how I love beauty products and so does my lovely friend at Barely Keeping It All can find her at my blog as someone I follow.

    I had some issues with the Arbonne Mineral makeup making me look too greasy all of the time...glazed donut look doesn't suit me either. I have used almost every foundation under the sun and am currently using Almay Clear Complexion Foundation and the clear complexion powder and really like them. My face looks sooo good right now.

    My fave mascara right now is...Max Factor Volume Couture.

    Fave chapstick: Burt's Bees...I'm in Heaven with the tingle.

    I also love Lush products. WONDERFUL.

    I could spend ALL day in Sephora for sure.

    noticed someone mentioned Pureology, that's what I use.

    Queen Helene mask: Love it...used it all of the time in high school and college.

    My fave. mask right now: Avon Solutions Completely Clean Anti Aging Thermal Cleanser. I have used many many many expensive mask/cleansers and I have to say this one is my favorite. I think I paid $10.50 for it. LOVE!! I love the warming sensation and it gets REALLY warm I tell ya.


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