Monday, December 29, 2008

Spring Cleaning in December

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a serious problem with holding on to things I know I will never use again. I can already see that I am going to be the same way with the baby. I sometimes can't even bring myself to pack things away in the basement because I think "what if I realize I need this and I am in a hurry and I don't have time to dig through a box downstairs??" I know it is silly, but that is the way my mind works. In case you didn't know, I have just a touch of OCD...which doesn't help matters either. The problem is, even though I have the urge to keep a perfectly clean and organized house free of any clutter or crap...I can't seem to get there. I am truly the most disorganized wanna-be-organized person you will ever meet. 

So as we approach the new year, I am starting to compose my list of resolutions. I always have the same #1 on my list...GET ORGANIZED. But I realize that in order to do that, I need to finally get rid of some of the "just in case" crap I have tucked away in my closet, kitchen cabinets, drawers and basement. Here is a list of just a few things I know must go:

My Size 4 Abercrombie Jeans
Lets face it...size 4 is never going to happen again for me. I am okay with it too. I have come to accept my new post-baby body and I am proud of the bootyliciousness that I have acquired. And if by some miracle I become allergic to chocolate and actually get back down to a 4...I know I will NEVER wear jeans as low rise as these. Butt cracks hanging out of jeans are only cute on Giselle Bunchin.

My Lighthouse Bathroom
I love lighthouses. I absolutely love looking at pictures of lighthouses and I have seen some gorgeous rooms decorated in this theme. But when I decided to decorate my bathroom in lighthouses a few years ago, I realized that it just wasn't the decor for me. I was sick of it after two weeks. But I felt bad about buying the shower curtain, towels, rugs, wall decor, etc. and then getting rid of it. I have tried offering it to friends who were moving and I even offered it to my cousin who was getting her own apartment at school. But apparently no one else thinks lighthouses are a good idea either because I can't get rid of the stuff. I may attempt to eBay it...but if that doesn't work...Good Will here I come!

My Collection of Useless Memorabilia 
Now...let me explain that by "useless" I mean items that will never be used again. There are some items that fall under this category that are priceless: like my wedding gown, Addison's baptism dress, etc. and I refuse to get rid of any of those things. But there are some things that fall under this category that are just plain ridiculous. For example: my collection of Mardi Gras beads from various parades, bars, etc., my collection of casino coin buckets from my trip to Vegas 6 years ago, old keychains, a Carbondale phone book from 1998 (the year I started college), copies of Clueless and Drop Dead Fred in VHS (we don't even have a VCR anymore), the case to my Ace of Base CD (I don't even know where the actual CD is...but was one of my first CDs!) You see...these items, while they meant something to me at one point, are completely useless and taking up good space in my basement. So...I realize it is time to part ways with them. Farewell light-up Bud Light pin...I will miss you!!

My George Foreman Grill
Considering I didn't even use the damn thing in college means there is a pretty good chance I am not going to be using it as an adult. I think I made a few grilled cheeses on it in my dorm, but that was about it. And even though I never used it, I still brought that grill with me when I moved into my first apartment, then my second, then my third, I moved it back home with me after college, I moved it into my first townhouse as an adult, I moved it with me when Eric and I moved in together AND I moved it with me to the house we are in now. I have had this little blue George Foreman for 10 years!!! That is INSANE!! And since I haven't used it once in almost 10 years, I think it is time to pass it on to another deserving college student. Farewell's been a good run. Thanks for always being the lean, mean grilling machine you claimed to be.

My Half-Naked Boy Posters
Okay...perhaps I should explain this one. When I was in school, I worked at Abercrombie on holiday breaks and during the summer. Anyone who has ever been in this store knows that they have HUGE posters of half-naked guys hanging on the walls. Well, whenever we did a floor change, a set of posters would come down, and a new set would go up. Those old posters would then go to the trash (or the trunk of my car). So when my girlfriends and I got our first apartment together junior year, we needed things to hand on our huge blank walls. So that is how our first apartment was decorated...posters of Monet's Starry Night and Abercrombie boys with their shirts off. I don't think it is appropriate for me to have these anymore...but I should probably look at them one more time to be sure ;-)

So there you have it. A running list of some of the things I KNOW I must part ways with. Is anyone else a pack rat? Is anyone else doing a little spring cleaning in December? I would love to know what you can't seem to part ways with...


  1. I'm dying laughing... love it. This just made my day. You make me laugh so hard :-) I need to do the same!!! Love ya!

  2. Does this mean my jean jumpers and bird house pins need to go to? Don't you think they will be back in style some day?

  3. Oh the beer light up pins from PPP! I think it is definitely time to part with those. haha!

    I do the same thing's like, in your head you are thinking "what if I ever need this or what if XXXXX or what if XXXX". You get the point, what if 'fill in the blank'. I DO IT TOO! What is it with us? :)


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