Monday, December 15, 2008

That's What Happens When You Have 13 Kids

I wonder if my Grandma and Grandpa Mueller are looking down from heaven right now smiling at what they created. They had 13 children. That's right...they had 13 CHILDREN!!! Can you even imagine that? And they all got married which means my grandma and grandpa gained another 13 sons and daughters in-law. 26 kids. Whew! And over the years, those 13 families produced 36 grandchildren. So needless to say, it wasn't long before our family couldn't fit in my grandparents house anymore, especially when all of us grandchildren started getting married and having kids of our own. I have truly lost count as to how many people are in our family now, but I can tell you that we literally have to rent a hall in order to get together for Christmas. I guess that's what happens when you have 13 kids! When I tell my friends about this, they always say "oh...that's too bad. Don't you miss being at someone's house sitting around a Christmas tree?" I guess maybe I would be sad if our family didn't go to great lengths to make sure the hall always feels like home. There is always a TON of great food, lots of gifts and...a Christmas tree. I think our family is just use to it now because it is all we have ever known. And I think my family would agree that we wouldn't have it any other way. 

This year was extra special for Eric and I because it was Addie's first time at the Mueller Christmas party. She of course got lots of hugs and kisses from everyone and even got to spend some time with her cousins. As you can see, her and Alli were the best of friends. Alli didn't leave her side the whole night. It was just adorable. And after all the commotion, Addie needed to take a little snooze on Grandma, which worked out great for me because I got a chance to catch up with some of my cousins. These parties always go by so fast but I am so glad that we always have them to look forward to. Here's to another wonderful year. I am sure I will be posting about next year's party before I know it :-)


  1. Jen~ WOW!! That is a lot of relatives to celebrate with! I bet you had a blast and Addie was probably having so much fun with all the little ones! Love the pics!

    Kelly and Brecken

  2. What an awesome post! I so enjoyed reading all about your family event. I just love big family stories, so fun!


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