Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Worry Center

I apologize for the lack of posts the past two days. I have been a little preoccupied with taking care of Addie, who came down with a little fever Monday night. Since this was her second fever in two months that didn't have any other obvious symptoms, her pediatrician wanted to take a urine sample to check her for another UTI. The good news was that it wasn't a UTI, but the bad news was that it was something else. The last symptom-free fever she had ended up being just a virus that went away after two days. I was hoping her pedi would tell me the same thing as last time, which was to go home and wait out the fever. But because this was her second symptom-free fever in two months, he wanted to rule out some other "possibilities". Now let me just say that I freaking HATE the word "possibilities" when you are talking about illness. Don't doctors know not to look at an already worried mom and use the word "possibilities"???? I know there are possibilities but what I don't know is if he means there is a possibility that she has just another virus, or the possibility that she has an incurable disease. I am sure you all remember my post about how I tried to diagnose Addie the last time she had a fever so I tried VERY hard not to research all the "possibilities" on the internet today. The nurse assured me that they would have the results of Addie's blood work by this afternoon or tomorrow but when I saw the clock hit 6:00 p.m. tonight, I was sure I was in for a LONG night of waiting and worrying. I wasn't going to get online and look around...but I did. I won't go into what I was looking at but lets just say I was in full blown panic mode when I called my sister-in-law Dana. I was just about to get back online when the phone rang. It was the nurse and she said that Addie's results were in and that everything looked great! It was probably just another virus, considering there is a lot going around. I am to watch and make sure Addie's fever is gone in the next few days and that she doesn't develop any new symptoms. She already looked and felt better when I put her to bed tonight. WHEW!!!!!! What a freaking relief. I am so happy my baby girl is okay, although I am pretty sure I gave myself another ulcer form worrying today. I think my "worry center" is just a little bigger than the picture above.

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  1. I'm sorry about worry center. Ulcer's oh no! Hope you and Addie are doing better. [[hugs]]


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