Friday, January 16, 2009

Addie's Playroom Part One: The Paint Job

After two days of painting, Addie's playroom is finally done! My Dad and I started on the first day by patching and sanding the millions of little holes in the wall. Then we painted the ceiling and green layer on the walls. We didn't have to roll all the way to the ceiling since I decided to go with a blue scallop border. The scallop was an excellent idea in theory, but the execution was a lot more time consuming than we anticipated.
In order to make all of the scallops even, we had to do lots of measuring, tracing and taping. We started by drawing a straight line all the way around the room so that the scallops could all have the same starting point. My mom then made a "template" out of a dinner plate and traced each scallop around the room.
After the scallops were traced, we used quilting tape to outline each one. We then went back with blue painters tape so that there was a little more room for error while painting the blue.
After the blue was dry, we removed the tape and my dad went back with a small crafting brush to touch up any spots where the blue bled through the tape. We brainstormed for a night or so trying to decide what to paint on each of the scallop points. It just seemed like it needed something more. We first painted pink dots on each of the points and as cute as it still wasn't quite right. Luckily, I had a great idea in the middle of the night and drove first thing in the morning to pick up a bunch of little pink wooden daisies. I put up the first one and my mom and I looked at each other and said "oh yeah...that is perfect". I think the flowers are a very cute touch and they will go great with the garden theme I have in mind.
So there you have it! Part one of Addie's play room is done! The next step is getting the window seat and built-in shelving units installed. I promise to post pics of that when it is finished :-)


  1. Oh, wow Jen...this is looking great so far! Great idea with the flowers, nice extra touch. I don't know that I could have been as patient as you. So nice that you had some help.

  2. Jen I love it! So cute! The wooden flowers are PERFECT! This happened in Isaac's nursery as well...we thought we were done, and when we stepped back to look at it, it just wasn't finished.. Enter my sister who found wooden vintage airplanes, painted them and put them around the room and WA LA! PERFECTION! I can't wait to see the final product! Take care friend!

  3. Thanks girls!!
    Katy - I am usually not that patient but once we started, there was no turning back. So we just did it. We will know for next time though. Haha!

    Kate - The vintage airplanes in Isaac's room sound ADORABLE! I would love to see it sometime. I was going to do trains or airplanes if Addie turned out to be a boy. Maybe I will still get to go that down the road with the next one. So cute :-)

  4. So cute! I love the scallop idea and the wooden flowers are the perfect touch!

  5. Seriously Jen, between your mom's sewing and knitting, your dad's amazing carpentry and your creative painting and have a family full of talent! Can you come do my house! :) I think you've got a calling for interior design!


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