Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie's Playroom Part Two: The Shelving Units

Well folks...he's done it again. My Dad...the master carpenter...has turned yet another room in my house into a work of art. When I came to my Dad about a month ago with a rough sketch of what I would like for Addie's playroom, I wasn't sure if he would be able to do what I wanted. I knew I wanted a window seat/toy box, two shelving units that didn't quite go to the ceiling, and a larger shelf to display some of Addie's breakable items (like her piggy bank collection from uncle Ryan, music globe from Grandma Davis, etc.) Unfortunately, the only heating vent in the room was right in front of the window (of course) and the two outlets I would need for a lamp and TV were going to be covered by the bookcases. I was a little worried that this plan wouldn't work out but I should have known better. Pops always know how to make it happen.
I have come to realize that no carpenter can do it alone. They all have a go-to guy that they can call on for anything. And that is where my brother Adam comes in. He is quite the carpenter himself (taught by the best of course) so he stopped by the house today to give Pops a hand.

See the wires sticking out of the wall above the bookcase? Yeah...that is the outlet my Dad installed so that I have a place to plug in the lamp I was talking about. And wouldn't you know...he put another outlet above the other bookcase for the TV. Pretty good huh? Well take a look at the finished product!!!!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable?!!!! Pottery Barn Kids has NOTHING on my Dad. I know Addie is too young to realize how spoiled she is, but hopefully when she is old enough to talk, she will brag about the CUSTOM bookcases and toy chest her grandpa installed for her. I know I will be bragging to every person who will listen :-)

And speaking of that fabulous window seat/toy chest, take a closer look at it. See anything interesting? Notice the vent on the bottom right corner? I mean he not amazing? Who the hell would think to do that???

So here is my proud papa with his very spoiled grandbaby. She has no idea how lucky she is to have such wonderful grandparents (on both sides) that love to spoil her rotten. And even though Addie doesn't realize it yet...I sure do. I have the most WONDERFUL parents in the world. are honestly the most hardworking, talented and creative carpenter I know. I am so lucky to have you as my handy man...and father. I love you to pieces Pop!!! Thanks for the fabulous addition to the playroom! And in the infamous words of Vince looks Phenomenal. Now on to the final stage of the playroom...DECORATING! Mama...this is where you come in :-)

* By the way Dad is for hire!! If you live in the Chicagoland area and you are looking for a good carpenter (or two) just let me know :-)


  1. Go Papa Mueller!! He is good!!! I am loving the shelfs and toy chest! You are very lucky to have him,at your disposal!!

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.

    And those bloomers that you found for Addies first birthday pics (which by the way I can't believe she is already ONE)...are the cutest bloomers I have ever seen! I can't wait to see them on her lil hiney!

  2. Jen, I LOVE the bookshelves/window seat! It's so cute! You are right, pottery barn has NOTHING on him! He could teach them a thing or two! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods! Isaac is teething, BLECH, so to get out my frustrations, I have started my own blog! :-) I hope you can check it out some time! Take care friend!

  3. It looks great in there! Please send Papa to my house!!! Man, you'll love that.

  4. simply amazing!! i wish you didn't live half way across the country....i would love to say "oh yeah...custom made by jen's dad!" *sigh* oh well...i'll have to enjoy them vicariously through your blog =)


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