Thursday, January 22, 2009

Better Than Reality TV

I absolutely love reality TV. I is a sick obsession and I should be ashamed of myself. But I can't help it! I am fascinated with other people's lives. I can still remember the first reality show I ever watched. It was Real World San Francisco and one of the main characters, Pedro, had AIDS. When Pedro passed away, MTV did a memorial for him and I remember watching it and crying. I had never met this person in real life, but I felt like I knew him. I felt the same way about Trista, the first Bachelorette. I remember watching her fall in love with Ryan, then I watched her marry him on that ABC special and then I read all about her pregnancy and birth stories in People magazine. I felt like I knew her too. In fact, Eric makes fun of me constantly because I always talk about these reality TV stars like they are my friends. Just the other day he asked why I bought organic lollipops and I said "Kate gives them to her kids and I just wanted to see what they are like". He then asked me who Kate was and I said "you know...Kate...from Jon and Kate Plus 8." He just laughed and rolled his eyes. He thinks I am nuts and I guess I can't blame him. I is a bit strange to get so attached to people you have never met before. Or is it?

I am not sure if anyone realizes this, but this is my 200th post! I started this blog a little over 7 months ago and I started it for two reasons: 1) To post pictures and stories of Addison for my friends and family and 2) To have an outlet for my writing. I had no idea that in the process of starting this little blog, I would learn so much about myself...and others. It turns out that this blogosphere I live in every day is filled with a bunch of mini reality shows. But the difference is...these people are real. Their stories are real. There are no scripts, no cameras, no censors, no editors, etc. These are people like me...who just love to share stories, ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc. We don't care if 2 or 2,000 people visit our blog everyday...we just write because we love it. It is who we are...or rather who we have become. I have had a few people in the last month or so tell me that they read my blog every day. I can't begin to tell you how satisfying that is to hear. To think that there are people out there who care about what I have to say or better yet...who care about me. I think what this new blog world has shown me is that people really can care for others...even if they have never met them before. 

I am sure you are all wondering what provoked such a deep post today, so I suppose I should explain. One night, a couple of months ago, I stumbled across a blog when I was googling "Roseola". Its called Another Ordinary Miracle. The mom who publishes this blog had posted about her son getting Roseola and that is why it came up. And as I was reading and looking around, I got into her story. I read at least a years worth of posts all in one night. It turns out that this mom has had a very difficult time getting pregnant and has been through a lot the past two years. She is always so open and honest and her posts bring me to tears all the time. I have truly thought about her and prayed for her like I would any friend. And I am not alone. I have seen over a hundred different people comment on her blog saying the same thing as me. Isn't that amazing? This one person started a little blog to tell the story of her life and hundreds of people from all over the world are praying for her and thinking of her. She recently posted about two families who are going through some difficult times of their own. Kelly and Scott and Jenna and Chris both had babies this past week who are in the NICU. Kelly's blog has over a thousand followers!!! She said in one of her posts that her blog had over 100,000 hits in ONE day! She had hundreds of comments from people letting her know that they are praying for her new baby girl Harper. And you know what...that baby girl is turning around! Both babies have made excellent progress today and both families truly believe that it is from all the prayers, thoughts and/or positive vibes people are sending their way. Both families have talked about how amazing it is to receive so much support from strangers and I think they would agree that blogging has changed their lives too and taught them something about themselves...and others. You see...this is why everyone needs to start blogging. It really is better than reality TV :-)


  1. Oh Jen~ You are a great person and I totally feel like I know you too! This past almost 2 years has been so amazing getting to know you and the other mommies on babycenter. I too follow your blog daily and LOVE the way you write! So does my husband..hehehe!

    Kelly and Brecken

  2. I second what Kelly said! I totally feel like I know all you we live around the corner from each other ;). I too am a follower of your blog and look forward to posts each day. I myself am a closet blogger, maybe someday I'll be confident enough to share it with others! Ashley turned me onto Matt Logelin's blog, that's a great one too if you haven't read it. It will make you cry though.

  3. Aww ladies...thank you so much for the nice words :-) You babycenter girls are an entirely different story. We ARE friends and we DO know each other. We have shared our lives with each other for almost 2 years!! That is a long time. I am just excited to think about all the years we have ahead of us. Love you girls!

  4. Hey Jen,
    I am one of those that can't wait to get to the PC at the end of the day and read all about Addie and you, I know it sounds weird, but I feel like I know you and it's time to come out of the shadows. I am a mommy of a baby girl, born 03/03/08, so needles to say, we have a lot in common. I found you through April from Babycenter and visiting her blog. She and I belong to another Babycenter forum - BFP Graduates and I am so glad I got to know you, I really enjoy your writing style and relate in a lot of ways to you.
    Kerry - mommy to Megan

  5. Hi Kerry! So nice to meet you! I think I posted on your forum when April had Ryan...I was in charge of spreading the word :-) So glad you stopped by and finally "came out of the shadows". I hope you stay in touch!

  6. totally guilty of blog lurking and following other people's lives. i am too, following kelly's blog and her adorable (and huge!!) baby girl harper - i have no idea how i found her's a miracle what has happened, though. what a cute idea for a post, jen! :)


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