Friday, January 30, 2009

One Busy Little Lady

It turns out that Addie has a busier schedule then I do these days. She has literally been booked all week with lunch dates, play dates, meetings, shopping name it. On Monday she had a meeting with Grandpa to discuss her playroom project and then once he was done installing her shelves and toy box, she had to inspect his work. Then on Tuesday, she went to the fabric store with Grandma to pick out the material for her curtains. And since she didn't see anything she liked, she went to another store later in the week. On Wednesday, Addie invited her friend Kennedy over for some waffles and play time. Kennedy loved the piggie bank she got for Christmas.

Kennedy is such a little doll. She is learning all kinds of new words and her latest word My friend Lindsey will say "why does Daddy go to work?" and Kennedy will say "money!!!"

This is what happens to all babies who try to take Kennnedy's money...they get pile drived. Hahaha! Don't worry, Addie was laughing under there :-) And speaking of laughing, Addie was having a blast at her Thursday play date with cousin Nia and her friend Megan.

Yes...I am well aware that my daughter looks like a boy in this picture. I don't know if it is the 4 wheeler or the overalls...but either way...she looks like a boy. I promise, those are girl's overalls. I got them on sale at Gap and thought they were so cute with the little matching daisy t-shirt. I guess next time I will have to put a bow in her hair or something.

I think the best part of any play date is getting to experience everyone else's toys. Nia got this little Flinstone car from Santa and the girls loved it!!! They refused to take turns so we just put them both in together.

Nia insisted on driving and Addie didn't mind. She prefers being the backseat driver just like her mommy :-)

Here are the girls trying to decide where to go. They couldn't come to an agreement so they let Megan have a turn.

While Megan drove around, Nia and Addie found something else to do.

I think the next time Dana and I go to the mall, we will let the girls push each other in the stroller.

Addie was loving the stroller ride. She didn't want to stop! That is until Aunt Dana pulled out the Popsicles :-)

So this is how we ended our afternoon yesterday. You would think that Addie would have slept great last night, considering all the energy she burned off this week. Ha! Not my daughter! I guess she was just too busy planning her weekend :-) 


  1. I can't believe how big she is getting. WHat a sweet little lady :) Once again you have managed to make me late picking up my kiddos from lunch because I was engrosed in reading!!! AHHHH!! hehhehe

    Kelly and Brecken

  2. I love the side-view picture of Nia pushing Addie in the stroller...she looks so focused! They will laugh about that one someday :)

  3. I just love that little GIRL !!!!

    Love Grandpa, the guy who loves to build.


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