Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Mr. Howard

In some cases, I think Howie is pretty lucky. Being only a foot tall has its advantages. He can easily walk under the table so that he can eat everyone's scraps of food. He can fit behind the couch (where he hides all of his bones and other toys that don't belong to him). He can fit on anyone's lap which means he gets LOTS of love. So as you can see...its good to be Mr. Howard. However, when we get over a foot of snow in just 3 days, life takes a turn for the worse for the little guy. You see...even though Howie would prefer go in the house, we make him go outside to go to the bathroom. And when Daddy isn't home to shovel a path, this is what the poor guy has to deal with. It may look like he is having fun in the pictures but I assure soon as he came in the house...he gave me the middle paw pad. Sorry little guy!

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  1. Dear Heavens....he's shorter than the snow drifts...poor thingy. Thanks for the fun pictures!


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