Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Something to Celebrate

Please forgive me for a short post today...I have been busy celebrating with my mama. Why were we celebrating you ask? Well...let me start from the beginning...

About a month ago, during one of my mom's routine visits to the Rush University Breast Center, the doctors found two "suspicious" lumps in her left breast. We have had a few scares in the past, but this time it seemed a bit more serious. They insisted she have a tissue core biopsy to find out the nature of these lumps. Typically, they could have gotten her in for this procedure within a week but because of the holidays, we had to wait almost a month. We tried to block it out of our minds during the holidays but it was VERY tough. So when she finally went in for the procedure last week, we were able to breathe a small sigh of relief knowing that we would have some answers soon. If things were fine...we could move on. If things weren't fine...we could at least start talking about options. We just wanted to know one way or the other. 

I knew the doctor was going to be in his office at 12:00 today so I called my mom at 12:01 to see if she heard anything. She hadn't. Then my phone rang at 12:15. It wasn't her. It was Bill from Travel World letting me know I won a cruise. At 12:30 the phone rang again. It wasn't her. It was Eric calling to see if I had heard anything. I told him he was tying up the line and I hung up...but then I quickly called back to say sorry :-) I realized I needed to take my mind off the phone so I went into the family room with Addie and turned on the TV. The movie "Stepmom" was on (you know...the movie where the mom is dying of CANCER!) and I realized this was a bad idea. I was just on the verge of tears when the phone rang again. I decided if it was Bill the jackass from Travel World again...I was going unleash furry. But it wasn't. It was my mom and the news was....GREAT! The results were in and the lumps were benign. THANK THE LORD!!!

So needless to say...mama and I had some celebrating to do. We celebrated tonight by going to Michael's (the craft store) and getting a Dunkin Donuts coffee. Hey...it was last minute and both of those things make us very happy :-) So here's to you mama!!! I am SO happy your "girls" are happy, healthy and still kinda perky :-) Love you! 


  1. Yea! That is really exciting news! I'm glad all is well with your mom, I know and understand how scared you were.

  2. Oh thank God! My eyes are filled with happy tears for you and your Mama! Love ya! xoxo

  3. yeah, i was having a long day yesterday, too. then i finally got the good news from her and had company all night long and couldn't get back to her.

  4. Thank you for being there for me Jen! I could never get through all of this without you! I love you! And yes my "girls" are now happy, healthy but not so perky! Oh well, at least I still have them!! I'll take them any way I can!

  5. OHHH THANK GOD!!!! I am so glad for the good news!

  6. I am so happy that everything turned out ok! The relationship you have with your mom is so wonderful! You are both so lucky...Addison is a blessed little girl!


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