Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tori and Dean...Where Are You??!!

Remember how I said I was in love with reality TV? Remember how I said that blogging was better and that I honestly don't need reality TV anymore? Well...that was only sorta half true. Blogging IS better...but I still think I need a little reality TV in my life. At least late at night anyway. I use to watch re-runs of Tori and Dean on Oxygen and in the process of doing so...I really started to like Tori Spelling! I even catch myself turning on Oxygen to see if they run any promos about season 4. So tonight, when I was DESPERATE for something to watch at 10:00, I turned on Oxygen and caught an episode of the Bad Girls Club. These poor girls are like a train wreck you can't look away from. But I watched anyway!!! In one hour I heard about 60 bleeped out words, watched two cat fights AND saw a set of boobs. Is this really all I have to look forward to late at night? Tori and Dean....where are you????!!!!


  1. Here they are!

  2. I want them back on t.v.!!! NOW.

  3. YES!!!!! Thanks Autumn! That means season 4 is coming. Woohoo! Can't believe I am this excited for Tori and Dean. haha!


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