Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watchin The Snow Fall

It was a lazy day around the Davis household today. It snowed from the minute we woke up until about an hour before dinner so we decided to stay put. Addie stayed in her sleeper, Daddy stayed in his warm-up pants, and mommy stayed in her favorite Gap robe. Even though I am already counting the days until Spring, I do enjoy a snowy day every now and then because I love having an excuse to stay home with the fam :-) Addie and Howie spent a good part of the afternoon looking out the window watching the snow fall. Well actually...I think Howie was watching the rabbits he chases every time I let him out. But either was a pretty cute picture moment.


  1. Wow ... What a proud mom your are. I can feel it! Lucky Addie ... Cute, too!


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