Sunday, February 8, 2009

Addie is 11 Months Old!

Instead of posting a pic of Addie today, I thought I would post a pic of myself at this time last year. I was 36 weeks pregnant and ANXIOUSLY awaiting her arrival. I had myself convinced that she would come early and she did...but only by a day :-) I still had 4 more weeks to go when this picture was taken. Yes...I got bigger. Much bigger. But I will save those pictures for another post. 

So about my baby girl. She is 11 months and 1 day old today!! I can't believe that the next time I give her monthly update...she will be 1 YEAR OLD!!! This is going to be a very emotional month for me so you can expect to see lots of posts of me looking back on Addie's wonderful first year. I can honestly remember what I was feeling when I took this picture. The nursery was done, her little clothes were pressed and hung, the hospital bag was packed and in the car (I know...I was overly prepared). All I had to do was sit and wait. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice at 36 weeks pregnant, I would say:

1. All the spicy food in the world is not going to make Addie come sooner so please...spare yourself the heartburn and bottle of Rolaids.

2. SLEEP! For the love of God woman...stop daydreaming and playing in the nursery. SLEEP!

3. Take long, relaxing showers. Don't rush them. There will be plenty of time for rushed (or even skipped) showers when the baby arrives.

4. Save yourself money and return all of the fancy 0-3 month outfits. She will only wear sleepers the first 2 months.

5. Call the person who bought you the boppy pillow and thank them again for the wonderful gift. You will get a lot of miles out of that thing.

6. Splurge on a few more nursing bras. You won't be packing them away after 3 months like you planned.

7. Have Eric ban you from Web MD now. Don't wait until after the baby is here. Save yourself a few unnecessary doctors visits.

8. Don't save that manicure/pedicure certificate you are going to get for Valentine's Day. It will still be sitting in your desk next Valentine's Day.

9. Enjoy the last month of people telling you your belly is adorable. It does not get ANY compliments once the baby comes out.

10. Enjoy every single moment of the next 11 months because they will be over in the blink of an eye.


  1. Aw...Jen this is so sweet. I remember this time last year like it was yesterday. I remember you called me and you had a pedicure and recommended I did the same(I did and it induced me:). Time does fly and you have done such a great job with Addie. It's like you were always meant to be a Mother. I can't wait to celebrate her 1st birthday when I get home!

  2. You look so beautiful in this picture! I remember thinking that that first time I saw it! And Amen to number 2! I crave one day where I can sleep as long as I'd like to! That's why when Emma naps, I usually do whatever I want to, because when number 2 comes, I can kiss that goodbye! :)

  3. Oh! I'm catching myself goes by too fast, doesn't it? I'd take a million more sleepless nights for Sophia to slow down and just stay a baby a bit longer. She's only 3 months younger than Addie but I know her 1st birthday is going to be here in no time. It's exciting and so sad all at the same time!

    BTW, you look great at 36 weeks! I was much bigger at 36 weeks. I could barely walk!

  4. Well, Happy 11 mo. old and a day! You sounded like a mom in waiting fo sho. I remember not sleeping and sitting in the nursery just day dreaming as well.


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