Friday, February 27, 2009

Ghost Busted

You guessed right my friends...I am doing another post about Ghost Whisper. I just can't help myself!! Tonight was a fun episode for several reasons. First of all, the title of tonight's episode was "Ghost Busted" and that alone made me want to watch because sadly...Ghostbusters is STILL one of my favorite movies (I don't have to say it). 

The second thing I loved about tonight's episode was that Melinda FINALLY told Jim/Sam that she sees ghosts! Hooray! Finally!! I would say we are out of the woods, but Jim/Sam still doesn't know he is part Jim and Sam. Are you confused yet? After my last Ghost Whisperer post, a few friends wanted me to give them a very quick recap about what is going on this season so that they can jump in and start watching. So...I thought it might be helpful for me to give a recap to all of you wannabe GW fans out there. Here goes...

Lets start with the main Character, Melinda (Jennifer Love Hewitt). As you can guess by the title of the show....she talks to ghosts. She helps them cross over into the light by solving their problems. Each week we meet a new ghost with a whole new set of issues. Now, besides being a ghost whisperer, Melinda owns an antique store (with one of the most creative names....Same As It Never it). Anyway, this is her cover for all the people in her life who don't know that she sees ghosts. As of this season, that list is getting shorter and shorter. But in the beginning, only her husband Jim knew she could see ghosts and he was the person she always turned too (besides her sidekicks...the latest of which is Eli). 

Well, in an episode during November sweeps, her husband Jim was killed. As you can guess, Melinda saw his ghost right away and instead of crossing over into the light, Jim's soul jumped into the body of another dying man (named Sam) so that he could stay on earth with her. Sam can't remember who he is because Sam's soul has crossed over. But because Jim's soul is in a new body, he can't remember his old life either. So, ever since November, the Jim/Sam character has no idea who he is and is trying to relearn everything about himself. Of course, we see moments where he remembers things from Jim's old life but he still doesn't understand why or how he has these random memories. Well Melinda knows. She knows it is Jim trapped in Sam's body and because Melinda and Jim were soul mates, she is doing everything she can to get him to remember who he is...or was...or is. Anyway, Jim/Sam has fallen for Melinda too and can't understand why he has such strong feelings for her so quickly (I am sure it has nothing to do with her perfect figure or long, batty eyelashes). But anyway, the two of them are just starting this new relationship and even though the story line is a pretty biiiigggg stretch, I love it!!! It is like watching her fall in love with Jim all over again. I mean, how many people get a second chance at true love?

So...all this leads to tonight's episode. As I said, Jim/Sam and Melinda are trying to start a relationship and every time they get the chance to spend time together (or make out) she sees a ghost and has to run off to solve a case. Needless to say, he has been a little suspicious lately and in tonight's episode, he started doing some investigating. And speaking of investigating...

Tonight's episode was all about a "paranormal researcher" who was hired by one of Melinda's neighbors to help get rid of a ghost in their house. Everyone is skeptical of this guy, especially Melinda and Eli since they really do see ghosts, and this guy looks like he is all for show. I mean, check out the car he drives. Seriously?

Well, as it turns out, this guys is actually being haunted and that is why he manages to "see ghosts" wherever he goes. He manages to convince Melinda and Eli that he is for real and that he isn't doing any of this for fame or money. Jim/Sam, however, thinks this guy is a jackass and just as he is ready to punch him out, Melinda stops him and tells him that he is for real. Ghosts are real and she knows this because she can see them. Jim/Sam looks like he is going to run for the hills when he hears this. I mean, could you blame him? You have no memory, you are in love with some random chic and you can't understand why, and then she tells you that she sees ghosts? I would be blowing the peace sign too. But surprisingly, he doesn't!! He tells her he needs some time to process everything but he won't let that come between them. And then they stand on the porch hugging in the rain. Cliche...but oh so adorable :-)

So...did I gain any more Ghost Whisperer fans with my recap? Or did I just confirm exactly why you don't watch the show? Either way...I love it and I can't wait for next weeks episode!!

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