Friday, February 13, 2009

Ghost Whisperer Anyone?

I have a confession to make....I am a huge fan of the show Ghost Whisperer. About two years ago, my mom and I planned a girls shopping weekend in Chicago. We stayed at the Westin and instead of going out on the town, we bought Jamba Juice and went back to our room to get into our $3,000 sheets and watch TV. We are losers like that :-) 

And since there was literally nothing else on, we watched Ghost Whisperer. I can't tell you what the episode was about, but I remember thinking "Hey...this show is pretty good!" So I started tuning in every Friday night and I have been watching it ever since. Whenever I tell people this, they usually say "Really? You like that show? I don't think I have ever watched one episode." 

And why would they? The show is on Friday night and most people are out doing something fun on Friday nights. But not me! Eric and I are usually relaxing on the couch and since I pretty much make him watch the show, he has gotten into it a little too (although he would never admit that). After each episode, I try to talk to him about what happened. I say, "OH my you think Jim/Sam is totally going to break things off with Melinda? Do you think he knows she sees ghosts? I mean..he has to know something is going on." After I am done with my episode recap, I usually look over to find Eric either passed out, or literally bored to tears. He just doesn't care. But like every show I love...I HAVE to talk about it! Usually I have no trouble finding someone to talk to about Grey's, The Bachelor, Private Practice, etc. But I honestly cannot find one person to talk to about Ghost Whisperer! I can't be the only person who watches this show...can I? I don't care if I am. I love it! I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is super cute and on the contrary to all the other critics out there, I love the new story line.

Anyway, I know this is a very random post, but I just had to see if anyone else is secretly in love with this show. Eric is convinced I am the only one...but I just can't believe that. So...anyone else a GW fan? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Are you kidding me I love that show and I just watched it tonight. She better fess up in the next episode!

    This is Christina by the way I just figured out how to talk to you through your blog lol.

  2. I made Justin watch The Bachelor this season...and although he groaned through the first few he's hooked! And I have to talk about it with someone afterwards too! Sorry, not a Ghost Whisperer fan...but I do love Jennifer Love Hewitt!

  3. Well looks like it is just you and me girl! E-mail me every Friday so we can chat about what happened. I think Melinda does fess up to Jim/Sam in the next episode. Yikes!

    Heather - If you ever want to start watching, I can give you a 4 season recap. haha!


  5. HI Aunt Lori! I am not digging the Sam character either, but I don't think he is going to stick around. If you want my prediction...I think Melinda has been dreaming this whole time. You know how she fell asleep on Jim's hospital bed and then woke up when she saw his ghost? I think she is dreaming and in the end...she is going to wake up and Jim is going to be alive in the hospital bed. But that is just my prediction :-) Cool! Now I can call you too to talk about GW!


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