Thursday, February 5, 2009

Little Miss Trouble

Addison is truly a heartbeat away from walking (even though I have said that about a million times). But seriously...she is now taking 4-5 steps at a time!!! It is so cute watching her wobble around and try to make it form one piece of furniture to the next. She gets this adorable expression on her face like "Holy crap mom...I'm walking!!" I realized today that I needed to get this on camera so I tried getting her to walk so I could snap a few pictures. Well, we all know how cooperative babies are so I decided to just let her roam and I kept the camera ready in hand. She just crawled around the family room until she realized that I wasn't stopping her form doing anything. Enter Little Miss Trouble.

She first demonstrated her ability to climb on top of the fireplace. Yes...VERY safe.

The good news is that she also learned how to get back down...and then crawl (not walk) over to the entertainment center to show me her other new trick...opening the DVD cabinet.

When she ran out of DVDs to pull out of the cabinet, a new "toy" caught her eye.

What is that she is sucking on?

Oh of those "impossible to remove" outlet covers! Awesome. Safety First my a**.

Here we go! At least one picture of her attempting to walk. It isn't a good angle but its all I got. So where was she walking to you ask?

To the coffee table so she could grab the phone and call China again. And when that got old, she looked for Howie so she could steal his ball. Luckily, a piece of paper distracted her just long enough so Howie could take his ball and run. At this point I realized I wasn't going to get a shot of her walking. I guess I will try again tomorrow :-)

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  1. no time she'll be running! I remember wanting Emma to start crawling so bad...and then she was into everything! Now she's walking like crazy! Funny about the outlet plug...they figure stuff out quick! Emma stuck stuff down the heating vent, so I took it out and now she knows how to take out the vent from the floor!


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