Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mommy Has No Self Control

It is physically impossible for me to keep surprises a secret. I have only been successful a few times in my life (i.e. I knew when both of my brothers were going to propose and didn't tell their significant others and when Eric and I had our ultrasound with Addie, I was able to keep her sex a secret for about 4 hours). But other than those two occasions (and a few random others), I have blown every surprise I have had regarding Christmas, birthday, shower, wedding AND anniversary gifts. I have also blown one surprise party and countless other events that friends or family members entrusted me with. But I am getting better. I swear. I am not going to be able to tell Addie what Santa is bringing her ahead of time so I have to learn to be better about this. And one day I will be. But sadly...today is not that day. I broke down and gave Addie a few of her birthday presents. I KNOW!! I am terrible. But wait until you see how much fun they are...

While I was at Target last week, I wandered down the "summer" isle and found a bunch of adorable items that I just couldn't resist. I tried to include links but unfortunately these items are not up on target.com as of yet. But have no fear...I took plenty of pics :-) The first gift I gave Addie today was her very first tent! It is called the Poesy Playhouse Tent and it is SOOOOO cute! Our family belongs to a beach and recreation club and we plan on spending lots of time out there this summer. I thought this tent would be perfect for Addie to crawl into when she needs some shade. For now though...it serves as a fun little playhouse.

As you can see, she already made a home for some of her animals and dollies in there. And even though you can't see it, there is a matching picnic blanket that I laid down on the bottom of the tent. It is water proof and machine washable. Seriously...does it get any better?

The next gift I gave Addie today was the matching Poesy Tunnel. I am trying to ween her off the back of the couch so I thought I would get her a new secret hiding spot! She was trying to take Howie in with her.

We did several laps back and forth today and as you can see from the big smile on her face...the play tunnel was a hit!

 {UDATE} Sorry about the type-os. I really do have an English degree :-)


  1. Those are soooo cute! She looks so adorable crawling through her tunnel! Oh how I wish I was a little girl again! I bet you're having fun too!

  2. Gosh I can't believe she is ONE already!!! What an adorable tent? Did they have boy colors? P needs a tent like that...I think it would keep him occupied for hours!

  3. I did the same thing! Grace had most of her Christmas presents and definitely her birthday present before the big day. I need to stop because it'll matter more when she's older.

  4. Thanks girls! I thought these were pretty cute items myself. I like getting in the tent with her, but I am afraid my big bootie doesn't slide through the tunnel as easily as I thought it would :-)

    Mandy - They did have some boy playhouse tents and there are even more online. Just go to playhouses and tents on target.com and you will see a bunch of different ones. They are pretty reasonably priced too. Although, can you really put a price on a few hours of entertainment? Haha! Hope you are hanging in there sweetie. We are thinking of you!

    P.S. Glad I am not the only one that can't keep surprises :-)

  5. My sis has the Star Wars tent for my nephew from Target. He got it for Christmas. They are so cute and very affordable. I was actually thinking about getting Madison one of these, but wondered where it would fit in our house?! Deanna :)

  6. Love the tunnel! Hmm..I might have to check out one for Ryan. He has a tent and loves it!

  7. So cute!
    I cannot buy presents in advance because I will always end up giving them away before it's time to!

  8. Oohhh... was there a boy version? Tell me there's a boy version! We're *so* going to Target when little man wakes up!

  9. Fun times! I have a hard time holding in surprises as well. {{It's hard}}
    She looks like she really likes her new things.


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