Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Cowbell Can't Cure This Fever

Baby fever that is. I've got it bad today. Now don't go jumping to any conclusions...Eric and I are not quite ready to start trying for baby #2. But it has been on my mind lately, and days like today don't help.

To start the day, I invited my sister-in-law Dana over for a coffee/playdate so that we could chit-chat and let the girls burn off some energy. Also, I have been dying to give her the "welcome baby" gift I ordered for her a few weeks ago. See...I told you I can't keep gifts a secret. But in my defense, I really wanted Dana to have this gift early so that she could take it with her to the hospital. I got her this adorable baby blanket from Bla Bla
Anyway, while we were sitting at the table talking, the baby was kicking Dana like crazy and she was laughing and rubbing her belly. I don't know what it was about that moment, but watching her made me really miss being pregnant. I honestly LOVED being pregnant and I am so excited to experience it again some day. So anyway, that is how I spent my morning...staring at a cute pregnant chic.

The rest of the day was actually baby-free for the most part. I went to get my hair done, ran some errands, stopped by my old work to see friends and then came home to relieve Grandma. Addie was on a nap strike this afternoon and was a bit crabby when I got home. Nothing like a whining, high maintenance baby to snap you back to reality. Ha! But then after I got Addie off to bed for the night, my neighbor called to see if I wanted to come over and meet her 4-week-old grandson. Boy was I in trouble.

As soon as I walked into their house, I got a big whiff of that new baby smell. And just as I expected, he was cute as a button. He was asleep and snuggled in his little baby blue sleeper. My neighbor was holding him and he had his little tiny hand wrapped around her finger. It was so precious. I actually wanted to cry when I started thinking about Addie when she was just a little peanut like that. When I came home, Eric saw that look in my eye and got excited. You see...he has baby fever worse than I do so he is absolutely NO help. I guess it is a good thing I didn't take him with me to the neighbor's house because if he would have seen that cute little baby..he would have molested me for sure tonight! Haha! Any of you other new moms out there starting to get the itch? Does your baby fever come and go or is it here to stay?

P.S. If you are not a fan of Saturday Night Live and find my title confusing, you can watch the skit I am referring to here. Ann Marie...if you are reading...this is for you :-)


  1. babies are great!After I have this one I will have to live vicarously through you when it comes to "the fever!"

  2. Jen,
    I totally have baby fever, too. I miss being pregnant and have my LO grow and move inside my body. Unfortunately, we have to wait few years (God willing) to be blessed again, oh, it's great! I hope you guys get on the subject soon and it happens quick :)

  3. Jen you totally know I'm there with you on the baby fever! I think about it everyday! Especially whenever I see newborn clothes....I'm ready! Even with a sick child, I got the fever. I miss being pregnant too! :(

  4. Jen,
    I guess since I already have 3 that my baby fever is not as strong as yours, but I do get the fever sometimes. I love babies and everything about the pregnancy and nesting (nesting is the crazy can't stop part for me). IF, IF we were to have another baby...I would want to wait a couple of years. Then I'd be crazy worried mom b/c I'll be 35 in a couple of years. If we were to win a huge lottery tomorrow, then I'd probably be ok with having another baby right now.
    Aren't you glad you asked your readers? Nice long answer from your friend, Katy. :)

  5. oh i totally laughed out loud when i read the title and started hearing the song and the clink clink clink of the cowbell in my head! and then i thought of harry carey, which in turn made me think of ralph =) good times my friend, good times!


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