Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Little Valentine

Let's just say Addie was one SPOILED Valentine today! Grandma and Grandpa Davis stopped by first with an awesome V-day gift! They got Addie the cutest bathing suit and cover-up!! Now I am even more excited for summer. Then later in the day, Grandma Mueller showed up and gave Addie a little heart puppy and Love book! As you can see...she loved ALL of her great gifts.

I could NOT resist trying on her little bathing suit!! Look at those meaty little thighs!!

Okay...we might need to grow into the top just a little. Don't worry honey...mommy didn't have boobs until high school.

And here she is reading her book...

And giving her doggie some love...

We had a GREAT Valentine's Day with our little peanut and the night isn't over least not for us ;-) I hope you all had a great day too!


  1. I LOVE those little chunky monkey legs, so cute!

    Kelly and Brecken

  2. So cute! My mother-in-law gave my little guy that same puppy his first Vday and he still sleeps with it every single night!


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