Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reunited & It Feels So Good

When Addie heard that her boyfriend Connor was coming up for a visit today, she did what any girl would do right before a big date: 

She spent an hour picking out the perfect outfit...

And then another hour picking out the perfect pair of shoes...

Why all the fuss you ask? Well...Addie hadn't seen Connor in almost 7 months so she really wanted to look her best. As you can see, she was a little chunky monkey the last time the two of them were together. Connor didn't care though...he was still all about holding her hand :-)

Today, however, was a different story. Connor wasn't all about holding hands...he was all about playing with Addie's kitchen.

Addie did everything she could to get his attention (including grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him around). So, Connor did what any guy would do on a date with a clingy, needy girl...he got the hell out of there...

And escaped behind the couch.

And while Connor was hiding out, Addie got to open an early birthday present from Auntie Tara and Uncle Pat!

I'm pretty sure she thought the wrapping paper was the gift.

The bow was her favorite part. And Howie's too.

That is until she opened her BABY DOLL!!

She gave her new baby lots of hugs and kisses until it was time for Auntie Tara to open her birthday present.

Do you see her baby doll tossed to the side? Do you see how focused she is on that wrapping paper? She even has her little pinchers ready to grab that bow as soon as it hits the floor. I guess we know she is going to enjoy the present portion of her birthday party :-) 

And here is Connor with his Auntie Jen! I can't BELIEVE how big he has gotten over the past 7 months. He is so cute with Addie and even though we never did get that hand holding picture today, it just gives us an excuse to drive to Decatur for another visit really soon.

It was great seeing you guys today! Happy Birthday again Auntie Tara!!


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