Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taking My Advice

My sister-in-law Dana called me this afternoon laughing at the post I wrote a couple of days ago. Dana is 35 weeks pregnant with my nephew and when she read my list of helpful tips on what to do BEFORE the baby arrives, she asked me if I was up for a mani/pedi this week :-) And let me tell you...that girl deserves it! Poor Dana had to spend two nights in the hospital this week with the flu!! They just wanted to monitor the baby and make sure all was good with the little guy. And thankfully it was. But while she was laying in labor and delivery, she realized "Holy s*it...I am going to have a newborn baby in a month and a half!!! And I already have a toddler at home!!" She realized that her "free time" clock is ticking and she better take some of my advice.

So...the first thing on her to-do list is use that gift certificate for some much-needed pampering. I think it is important for me to accompany her on this case she needs help walking or something :-) Second, let everyone touch her belly as many times as they want because she knows no one will want to touch it after the baby gets here. Third, she is going to soak up every minute of sleep she can...even if that means curling up on the floor in Nia's sleeping bag. Hell...I think I might join her on that one too :-)


  1. Now, aren't y'all too cute! Yes, she best hurry and get that pampering taken care of...poor thing with the flu. Dang!

  2. Your new makeover is fab! "Addietude", that's funny!


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