Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Bath Time Fun

Bath time has become a LOT more fun for Addie. She is in the big girl tub now and can splash and play around all she wants. But what I realized tonight is that she is in need of some new bath toys. So...I did a little looking around online and here are some really cute finds.

Sassy Count-N-Spell Foam Bath Appliques

These foam bath letters and numbers are great bath toys for all ages! Even though Addie can't spell or count right now, she loves playing with these. With just a little water, they stick right to the side of tub...or to the side of a little bum :-) These are cute and educational. What more could you ask for? 

Tub Time Floating Tea Party by Summer Infant

I don't know what is cuter about this tea set...the little painted flowers and butterflies, or the fact that it FLOATS in the bath tub!!!! I absolutely love this toy. Little girls (and some little boys) love playing tea party and how fun would it be to continue that in the tub? Word of Caution though...I am not sure that bath water would make the best "tea". Blah!

Splat Floating Ring Toss by Boon

I am really starting to love all things by Boon. For one thing, their designs are always fun and unique and now...they are making everything BPA free! This floating ring toss game would be great for a boy or a girl and might be fun for an adult too :-)

Garden Tub Squirties

Really...can any kid have enough bath squirties? They make them in a million shapes and sizes but I think these garden/insect squirties from Right Start are my favorite (especially because they come in their own little bag). They are bright, fun, and easy to hold and squirt.  Oh, and the best part, they are phthalate free! 

Boon Frog Pod

This isn't exactly a toy, but it is one of the CUTEST bath toy holders on the market. I received this as a shower gift and it is one of the few baby items that I can honestly say I use every day. Addie loves when I dump all of her toys into the tub at once and with this handy little froggie, I can actually scoop them all back up at once too. If you haven't already added this to your baby registry, I highly recommend adding it ASAP! P.S. If frogs aren't your thing, Boon makes a Lady Bug Pod as well :-)

There you go! Some of my cute bath toy finds. If you have any bath tub toys that your kids can't live without, be sure to let me know so that I can add them to my Addie wish list!

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  1. I love the frog bucket! The letters are great too..except DH kept leaving me obsene messages...good thing ELizabeth can't read yet!


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