Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Perfect Planners for Mommies & Paper Lovers

As much as I would love to be the type of person that can keep all of my addresses, dates, notes, lists etc. in a little electronic device...I am not that girl. I am a paper girl. I LOVE paper...almost as much as I love being organized. I have carried a planner for as long as I can remember and I would literally be lost without one. And now that I am a Mommy (and much more forgetful) it is even more important for me to keep all of my important information in one place. But where does one find the perfect planner? Or in my case, where do I find the perfect mommy planner? The hard part about finding the perfect planner is that everyone has different needs and sometimes, one company and/or style cannot suit all people. Over the years, my needs have definitely changed and therefore I have experimented with MANY different planners and organizers. So..I thought I would share some of these great planner finds with you! Each of these are both functional and super cute.

Wheat Linen Desk Agenda by Hable Construction

This is a great planner for anyone looking to keep it simple. If you don't like any loose papers and don't want to mess with an actual binder, this desk agenda from Hable Construction is for you! It has a week-at-a-view appointment calendar, a telephone/address directory, full color maps, future planning pages, note pages and...if you are a business traveler, there is a great section with international travel information, currency exchange rates and more! You can see pictures of each of these pages on their website.

Design Your Own Planning System by Franklin Covey

I have to admit...I have been a Franklin Covey junkie for many years. They have always been my go-to planning company because they have so much to choose from! They always have great planning page designs and now...you can actually design your own!! They also have a lot of great planning accessories which is another reason why they have always been my favorite. However, they are a bit pricey and I often feel like they give you paper overload when you purchase a planning system. However, if you are someone who tracks all of your auto information, keeps a detailed budget sheet and references the periodic table of elements on a regular basis...this is the planner for you!

Microsatin Planner by Truly Mom

This is DEFINITELY the planner for all you paper junkies. This one planner opens up to three separate sections! It contains a list pad, two post-it pads, a calender, address book, a "my day" pad and a pen!! Oh...and a sheet of stickers. It really is a darling planner and even though I love all the different notepads, it is a bit bulky and I couldn't see myself carrying all this around in my purse! However, if I wanted a cute planner to leave open on my desk, this would definitely be my pick. 

Baby Daze New Parent Logbook

Okay, this isn't exactly a planner, but I still wanted to include this for all of you mommies out there. This planner doesn't include a calendar or address book...but it will definitely keep you organized those first few months of your baby's life. I received this as a shower gift from a dear friend of mine and let me just tell you...it was a life saver!!! This logbook will help you keep track of your baby's feedings, diaper changes, medical information, milestones and just about everything else you will need to know at EVERY single one of your pediatrician appointments. It is small enough to throw in your diaper bag and keep on your night stand. I really loved using this book and I plan to get another one for our next baby.

The Perfect Planner by Cutsie Tootsie Designs

Duh! You KNEW I was going to list my mom's planner on this post. I mean seriously...how could I not? She designed this planner based on all the things that we loved in other planners, but could never find all in one. I wanted a planner that I could use as my calendar and address book, my checkbook holder, my credit card organizer, my coupon organizer and still have enough pockets to organize other odds and ends. My personal planner also holds my stamps, Addie's medical tracker (the pedi gave me a small one to keep with me), my insurance cards, a little notebook for quick jotting when I am out and about, a pack of post-it notes AND a pen. I am telling you...this really is the PERFECT planner! At least for me :-) And if you think this is the perfect planner for you...you are in luck! My mom's Etsy Site is up and running! Check it out today to buy your very own "Perfect Planner"! Also, be sure to enter my GIVEAWAY before you leave!!


  1. I love Tuesdays!! I have really been needing a planner...you should see my purse!! its filled with lose coupons, notes, cards, and a bounch of other junk!! I am really thinking about your mom's planner! I love that it has sooo much! Dh says I should just get a palm pilot...but I am sooo with you...I need it on paper! I think I may order one of your moms sometime next month...when I get my next commision check for Pampered Chef! Since thats my "play" money! Keep posting "Too Cute Tuesdays"!!

  2. I could really use one of these and I will go check out your mom's etsy shop. How FUN!!!!!!

  3. one of those baby daze things would be so handy! i'll have to look for one =)

  4. I would love to get a perfect calendar - where do I order? Please e-mail me at lauraruffcorn@gmail.com


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