Monday, March 30, 2009

50 Things

As I was flipping through my Real Simple magazine this morning, I noticed something very inspiring on The Simple List. It says:

50: The number of items you should get rid of (including regret and old makeup), according to life coach Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life. Clean your drunk drawer, see the light.

I have definitely been in the Spring Cleaning mood and this is just the motivation I was looking for. I mean...I can surely find 50 things to throw out right? I think a list would help (don't worry...I am not going to do all 50 right now).

1.) Old Toiletry Items: Including old makeup, lotions, face cleaners and any other product I haven't touched in a year.

2.) Expired Medicine: I know I can't be the only person with expired NyQuil in their medicine cabinet right? Sadly...NyQuil probably isn't the only expired medicine in there.

3.) Unused Kitchen Items: Okay...I am guilty of not throwing out ANY kitchen item because I am afraid I may need it some day. I have old serving utensils (even though I got an awesome set for my wedding), I have a back-up set of pots and and pans (which I haven't touched in 4 years), I have at least 8 "popcorn/chip" bowls, 2 Fondue sets (one of which is not even opened), etc. I am lucky to have a lot of great cabinet space but that doesn't mean I have to keep them jammed full of stuff. I come!

4.) Old Holiday Decor: I have at least two Rubbermaid bins full of holiday decor that I haven't used in years. I have old stockings from college, a few strands of half burnt out Christmas lights (in case we ever need a replacement bulb of course), a wooden Easter bunny that is missing an ear (you know...I might end up finding that ear one day), a life-size paper skeleton, etc. I think it is time I part with these items.

5.) Old Clothes: I have tried to do this many times and even though I have made some pretty good progress since new years, I know I still need to part with a few more things. I have a TON of dressy work clothes and I hate to part with them because some day, I do plan to go back to work. But if that isn't for another 10 years, will my cropped Ann Taylor Loft turquoise blazer still be in style? Hmm...this one may take some work.

Okay...I know I've only listed 5 things, but I figure I have at least 10 items to throw out in each category so I think that is a good start. I haven't read Gail Blanke's book yet, but it looks like she not only covers de-cluttering your home, but also de-cluttering your mind. are a few other things I would like to "throw out" this spring.

6.) Regret. The author has it right. There is no need to regret anything in life because you can't go back. Every mistake I have ever made has brought me to where I am today and I am in a very, VERY good place.

7.) Negativity. I think everyone has moments of negativity, but constantly complaining about things like money, jobs, busy schedules, etc. is not healthy and it doesn't get you anywhere. It just brings everyone else down around you.

8.) Jealousy: I believe that jealousy is the absolute worst quality a person can have and I can't stand it when I let myself feel jealous of someone else. Unfortunately, we can't always avoid this feeling. When I wanted to be pregnant, I felt jealous of every woman I saw walking down the street with a baby bump. I couldn't help myself. So while I don't think it is reasonable to say that I will never feel jealous again, I also believe that I can sometimes turn those jealous feelings into positive ones by focusing on all the blessings I DO have. I think that is a more positive and productive way to spend my time...and emotions :-)

Wow...that was fun! Damn I love making lists! Now I just need to actually clean and throw these things out. Guess I should get off this computer and get started while Addie is napping. So...have any of you made a list like this? Do you know of some things that you need to throw out this Spring?

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  1. Bravo! I envy your list making skills! :0) Does that make me a jealous person? Maybe, but in a good way! *wink* I envy Christina's list making skills too... Or maybe its just that I envy those that follow through with their lists! Oh, and that spare fondue set? I'll email you my address... Send it over! I'll send you my spare set of Pampered Chef bamboo cooking spoons (I mean, who really needs three sets?) Sound like a deal? Good! :0) One good thing about Spring Cleaning is that it means SUNSHINE is on its way!!!


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