Monday, March 23, 2009

Already Going for Older Men

I kept hoping that my sister-in-law would go into labor last night so that I could post today about my new nephew but nope!! That little guy is holding out for the last minute. He is already a mama's boy for sure :-)

So to pass the time, I thought I would post about another man in Addie's life...Patrick.

Patrick is a bit older than Addie (he is 5) but if Patrick is like most men, they are at the same maturity level. Ha! Patrick likes to play the "cool guy" who isn't interested in girls. But...when he thinks no one is looking...he will make his move. I can only imagine, by looking at this picture, that he said " come here often?"

BUSTED! As soon as Patrick knew I snapped a picture, he was out of there. No more flirting for him! That is...until another woman entered the scene.

This is Miss Francesca, who just celebrated her baptism yesterday. Isn't she precious in her dress?

Chessa and Addie became fast friends and they spent a good hour playing together. My friend Jenny (Patrick's mom) was playing Sippy Cup Sheriff and do you notice who is standing behind her? That's right. Mr. Cool...checking out the ladies :-)

Before we left the party, I had Jenny snap a quick family picture. Addie was laughing and smiling but as soon as the camera came out, she was over it. So this is the best we could get. Still cute in my opinion :-)

So that was our weekend! Another fun party on another BEAUTIFUL day. I am so glad that Spring is here. I hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. That Baptism dress is gorgeous!

    So cute when older boys are attached to the little girls...he is a cutie!

  2. omg, this is just too funny! good thing addie's a smart girl and didn't play into the "cool guy" act right away :)

  3. Such a cute post! Your family picture is perfect :)

  4. Her little dress is darling. The kids look they had fun together.


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