Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Bees: Day 2

Well...I wouldn't say that Baby Bees is Addie's favorite thing to do, but she definitely had more fun this week. I realized two very important things:

1.) Let Addie roam. When I force her to jump on the trampoline or go down the slide...this is the face I get...

But when I let her crawl/walk around and do what she wants to do...she is a happy camper (and so is Audery :-)

2.) Lay off the camera. I have a tendency to be a bit camera happy and whenever I stop interacting with her to take a picture, she gets pissed. Take this pic for example. When she was rocking away on the fish, she was happy as can be. But as soon as I whipped out the camera...this is the face I got...

Now that I have learned these two very important lessons, I am hoping next week will be even better. And even though Addie still didn't love Baby Bees this can bet your sweet a** that one baby did. Can you guess who?

If you answered Nia Beanie you were right!!! I think Nia had a lot of fun burning off some energy this morning so hopefully when she goes home to mommy, daddy and new baby brother Nolan, she will take a nice looooooong nap so mommy and daddy can get some much needed sleep :-) We get to see the little guy tonight so you can expect lots of pictures :-)


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