Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby's Best Friend

When we first brought Addie home, Howie wanted nothing to do with her. He was SO jealous of all the attention that daddy and I were giving her. This is the one and only picture I have of the two of them together before the age of 6 months {and Eric isn't going to be happy I used this picture}. I was worried that Howie would never warm up to her and I already started looking into alternative homes for him {like grandma and grandpa's house}.

But luckily, Howie started to come around. In fact, I think it is safe to say that these two have become the best of friends.

Howie takes good care of peanut. I many dogs would pull you around in a sled?

He also helps her with everything from opening presents...

To crawling through her tunnel...

To eating her breakfast. This is how I think Addie was finally able to make her way into Howie's heart. She learned to feed him from her tray. She plays the "one for me, two for you game" and he sits right their waiting for his pieces to drop.

And now Howie has taught Addie to be a watch dog just like him. The garbage man was here yesterday and the two of them went running for the door.

They must have stood there for 10 minutes watching out the window together.

I am just so happy that Addie and Howie have become best buddies. I know they are going to have a blast together this summer when they get to play in the yard. Now I just hope Addie can stay in the yard as well as Howie can. Maybe he can teach her that too :-)


  1. So cute...I especially love the one with Howie pulling the sled. Glad that have warmed up to each other!

  2. Ok, that is absolutely fabulous! I LOVE the photos of them looking out of the window. I bet you were just dyin'

  3. Aww how darn cute! We have a Yorkie too so it is good to know babies and Yorkies get along! Aren't they the best dogs?!?!

  4. Yes...yorkies are the best dogs...but definitely high maintenance. Or at least Howie is :-) I was pretty nervous in the beginning because he was SO jealous of Addie. But like I said in my post, there are seriously best friends now. He loves her and she can't get enough of him. Whew!

  5. Way sweet! I loved the one of them peeking through the windows!

  6. Those pictures were so cute! I wish our dog liked Ryan as much as Howie likes Addie. The only time Puff wants anything to do with him is when he is eating. haha

  7. This is so adorable! I love the picture of them watching the garbage man!!


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