Friday, March 6, 2009

I've Died & Gone To Cupcake Heaven

Did I ever mention that I have been doing Weight Watchers for the last two months? Probably not...since I haven't been very strict about it. But I have been trying to watch my points and let me just tell you...days like today are NOT good for anyone trying to lose weight. It's like sending an alcoholic to work in a beer garden. I was literally surrounded by cupcakes and frosting today. And not just any grandmas HOMEMADE frosting. Here she is making another batch...

And here I am trying to get peanut to take a nap...

Luckily it worked :-)

Grams and I made several kinds of cupcakes today including white, chocolate, marble and confetti. I honestly can't decide which was my favorite. Yes...I sampled them all.

We also used several different colors of frosting. Yes...I sampled them all.

I know it looks like Grams was the only one doing work today but I SWEAR I helped :-)

And here is the finished product! I couldn't fit them all in the picture, but we made a total of 80 cupcakes today!!!! (Just so you know...that comes to about 400 Weight Watchers points)

And here are some close ups of the beautiful decorating job we did...

Well there you have it!! 80 cupcakes ready to go for the big day tomorrow!!! At this time last year, I was just about to go into labor. Maybe we should have lasagna in celebration of the big day. Yummy! Tomorrow is going to be a VERY busy day considering I have to teach and then entertain 50 fabulous guests. But if I have any energy throughout the day (or at night) I will be sure to post all the highlights. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I will pass them on to the birthday girl!!!


  1. Your cupcakes look yummy! Yeah, I had to start WW too at the beginning of the year because of...umm...eating all my own cupcakes! So good though :)

    Have fun at the party, looks like it will be a blast!

  2. Darling cupcakes! And, I LOVE those PC bowls... they're my fav!

  3. they look sooooo good. send me one? :)

  4. They look so beautiful! You guys did such a great job! What a lucky little girl you have!

  5. Those look soooo good and pretty! A perfect girly treat for Addie! Hope she has a great birthday!

  6. Yum!!! Makes me want one!! Good luck with Addie's party today!!


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