Saturday, March 14, 2009

Look Who Else is Turning 1!!

It's Audrey!!!!!

Well actually, we call her Audrey Who because she looks just like Lucy Lou Who...she even had the wild hair when she was born :-)

Addie and Audrey were due only two days apart but Miss Who decided to wait a little longer to make her appearance. So...she is celebrating her 1st birthday today!!! When Uncle Ryan came to take Addie's pictures a few weeks ago, Audrey came for a shoot of her own. And since the girls were there together, we thought we would let them go to town on their cupcakes together too. These are my two favorite pics. 

I love how Audrey is all neat and then there is Addie who smashed her cupcake into the ground and rubbed it all over her body. That's my girl! This second picture is pretty hilarious because it looks like they are two drunk little babies...

I am sure they will both be sugar drunk after Audrey's party today because we get to have another cupcake. Yay!! So much for losing any weight this week. Damn birthday parties!

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