Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Party Recap

On Friday, the sun was shining bright and the temperature outside hit almost 70 degrees. You couldn't have picked a better day for a birthday party. Sadly...Addie's party was on Saturday. It was pouring rain and the temperature was hovering around 45 degrees. You couldn't have picked a worse day for a birthday party :-( But luckily...I had our whole house decorated for a Garden Party so even though it was sad and gloomy outside, it was bright and cheery inside!! (I will show pics of the decorations in another post).

So speaking of bright and cheery, how ADORABLE is this dollhouse? Aunt Dana, Uncle Kevin and cousin Nia got this for her. It is going to look SOOOO awesome in her playroom :-)

And here is our birthday girl showing off her walking skills.

See that mad look on her face? She did NOT want to wear her fun party dress. So we made our first wardrobe change of the night.

Jean skirt and "birthday princess" onesie it was. She was a lot happier after getting out of her dress so she decided to catch up with her friends. They were all waiting to see who the next guest was to arrive.

And it was Uncle Ryan and Aunt Meagan!!!

Uncle Ryan had a few special presies to give her before the rest. As you know, Uncle Ryan started Addie a piggy bank collection and he gets them from all the states he travels to for work. 

This one is from West Virginia. As you can see, she LOVES getting new piggies from Uncle Ryan.

Seeing Addie's excitement made Grandma Davis want to give Addie a gift early too! So we went to the back porch to see what Grandma and Grandpa Davis got her...

Ta Da! A play cottage that has a sink, a "working" phone AND a mailbox. She also got the matching picnic table and teeter totter. Now we REALLY have spring fever!

Auntie Tiff and Sophie traveled all the way from Louisiana to see Addie on her birthday! Okay...Tiff is actually in town for her sister's wedding...but we will just say she is here for the party :-) Addie and I were so happy to see them. Hopefully we can travel to LA to see them again soon!

As I said, Addie's party had a garden theme so I thought these little flower headbands were a perfect party favor for all the little girls. I LOVE this picture!

After the group picture, it was time for the BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Great Grandma made the cake especially for peanut.

We weren't even done singing "Happy Birthday" when Addie dug into her cake with both hands. That's my girl!

When Addie started to get tired of the cake, we invited Nia and Audrey to dive in too. Funny how she took an interest again once the girls were there ;-)

After we were done with cake, it was time for presents!!! Is this sight not ridiculous? She was one SPOILED little girl.

She was only on my lap for the first two gifts and then she saw Uncle Ryan with his camera and darted right for him. soon as I started opening all of her cute clothes...the girls came a runnin. And let me tell you, this girl got some ADORABLE clothes and shoes! I may consider taking pictures of each and every outfit because they are all THAT cute. There is one outfit in particular (that came from Aunt Diana and Uncle Adam) that I will have to post pictures of because she looks like such a big girl in it!! Yes...we tried on every outfit and pair of shoes today :-)

Addie was so appreciative of my hard work on her party, she decided to come give me a hug.

And then she stuck around for a few more presents.

Here I am holding up the "Madagascar" DVD that Grandma and Grandpa Mueller got her to go with the DVD PLAYER they got us for our SUV!!!! As I said...she is one spoiled little baby.

After playing with her friends, taking a million pictures, eating countless handfuls of cake and opening a million gifts...peanut was pooped!! I wish I could say that she slept all night like this...but that damn sugar gave her random bursts of energy ALL NIGHT LONG! Oh only turn 1 once :-)

Despite the weather, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect party. We somehow managed to fit 53 adults, 13 kids and 1 dog in our house at the same time!! We had plenty of food and cupcakes and I think it is safe to say that everyone had a blast...especially the birthday girl!! 


  1. Very cute! I love the garden theme! You're such a good mommy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Addie! It seems like you guys had a great time.

  3. Looks like she had a great birthday! Kudos to you for having that many people in your home. I think 12 adults and 5 kids is my max!

  4. Ok, Jen this has to be my FAVORITE post of all time! I love all the pics and OMG the flower headbands are just fantastic! Keep em' coming!

    Kelly and Brecken

  5. Adorable blog!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daugther!

  6. Wow, this all looked fabulous!! You did an awesome job with the decorations. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  7. So I've started the beginning of my planning for Evan's 1st birthday party in May and in one of my online searches I found this and it totally made me think of you and Addie! So cute!


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