Sunday, March 15, 2009

Partied Out

It's official...Addie is totally partied out. After our exciting weekend last week and Audrey's big party this week...she is beyond pooped. I don't know if it was all the stimulation or all the sugar she has had the past two weeks, but Addie was NOT a happy camper yesterday. We tried putting all of the girls in Audrey's new playhouse and I was able to snap one cute picture.

And then the tears started. She wanted nothing to do with the playhouse or any of her friends. So I scooped her out of the house and took her inside for a sippy cup and snack. That always does the trick.

Once all the girls were set free to roam around, they all started having fun. They were playing and gabbing and checking out all of Audrey's new toys. 

Nia was doing her best to keep everyone happy by passing out sippy cups because at this point, ALL the babies were getting crabby.

I definitely had a Stage 5 Clinger on my hands. She was over the toys, over the sippy cup, and over the party.

So grandma and grandpa decided to take her out for a quick ride in her favorite car. The weather was beautiful and I think this did the trick. 

We all made it back from our walk just in time to see the birthday girl eat her cake! 

I think it is safe to say that both girls had fabulous 1st birthday parties. We got some great pictures and have lots of funny stories to tell. And even though the parties were a lot of fun, I think we are all glad that they are over and we can take a little break from all the excitement. That is until Addie's new cousin is born in the next week or so!!! You did it made it through both parties without going into labor! Woohoo! Now get to it...I can't wait to meet my nephew :-)

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