Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Cures for Sickies and Ouchies

For the first 6 months of life, Addie didn't experience one bump, bruise, scrape or runny nose. I was VERY protective of her and hoped to continue that trend. Even though I am still very protective of my little peanut, I have learned to accept the fact that accidents happen. She is a wobbly, curious, danger-seeking toddler who bumps her head at least twice a day. The only solution I can come up with is to either bubble wrap my whole house...or bubble wrap her. Unfortunately, neither of those is going to work for us. I have also learned to accept the fact that germs happen...a lot...especially with kids who share sippy cups, binkies, toys, fingers, etc. So...after a few runny noses, a touch of the flu, a case of Rolseola, countless bumps and bruises AND a nose dive off her toy box...I decided it was time to stock Addie's medicine cabinet with a few cute essentials.

Hot Hugs Lamb Heat Pack

What kid wouldn't want to cuddle up with this cute little lamb? He can sooth away an upset tummy just by squeezing him! And since this little guy is also filled with lavender essential oils...he may be able to sooth your child to sleep too. He is microwaveable and easy to wash. 

Retro Ice Bag by Gal Pal

I remember my grandma using an ice pack to cure just about everything. I tried looking for one a long time ago when I was in college to cure hangovers...errr...headaches and I had no luck! But thanks to Gal Pal, the retro ice bag is back! They have tons of great patterns, especially for kids. I am a sucker for polka dots so this is my pick. I honestly think I need one for myself! 

Happy Camper Adhesive Bandages by Cupcakes and Cartwheels

I'm not gonna lie...I would sometimes milk a paper cut just to get a cute band-aid when I was little. And if they would have had bandages as cute as these Happy Camper bandages, I would have been purposely giving myself paper cuts.

Boo Bunnies Ice Pack

When a big old ice bag is too much to hold, I think it is great to have one of these adorable Boo-Bunnies on hand for soothing little bruises and bumps. God knows we have used this item SEVERAL times in the last month. Target sells them in sets of two. You know, one for your toddler to hold and one for you to actually put on the bump. Perfect!

Frog Humidifier by Crane

We have been through one awful cold and flu season this year and we have put a lot of miles on our humidifier. We have a very functional, but boring, humidifier and I may just have to trade up to this adorable frog for next year!!

Musical Sponge Bob Thermometer

Because sickies and ouchies sometimes come with a fever, why not have a fun thermometer that won't make kids scream. This musical Sponge Bob thermometer is perfect and with a 9 second read out...it is fast AND fun!

Hope you like these cute finds for ouchies and sickies. If any of you have something adorable and functional you would like to add to the list...be sure to comment. I would love to know what else to buy for Addie's medicine cabinet :-)


  1. Hi Jen! Just want to say that I love your blog! You commented on mine a while back so I came to check yours out and love it! I've been so slow at work lately so I started reading yours from the beginning and I feel like I know you now...ha! You have so many great tips for new moms! Addie's such a cutie!

  2. I just saw those cute band-aids at a craft store the other day. I almost bought some with bumble bees on them b/c Evan's room is done in bumble bees! Sooo cute! =)


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