Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Baby Brain Moment #678

So...I have tried really hard to not be an idiot lately. As you all know, I had many, MANY baby brain moments during and after my pregnancy but I have been so much better lately! I have been getting more organized, I have managed to remember my phone number when people ask me AND I haven't put the remote in the refrigerator in like 6 months. So when I read my brother's comment on my blog yesterday, I about peed my pants in laughter and embarrassment. In case you missed it, my brother wrote:

It's the Smokey Mountains not the Rocky Mountains

I know...simple mistake right? I mean, I live in the Midwest where there are NO mountains so I am sure you can all understand how I mixed those two mountain ranges up. But there is just one problem...the picture I attached of the piggy bank RIGHT ABOVE my post clearly says "Great Smokey Mountains". So its bad enough I messed up the mountains in the first place, but then to have a PICTURE of the correct mountains right above it is just plain stupid. Sorry folks...I'm a total idiot. BUT...I am still blaming it on baby brain :-)


  1. YOu are too hilarious! I must be just as baby brained as you are then, because I did not notice at all :)


  2. Way funny! I have baby brain all of the time, they sucked the smarts right out of me. I totally understand girl.

  3. I totally didn't even catch it! SO either I wasn't reading carefully (unlikely) or I am just as dumb (more likely)! So funny!

  4. Too funny Jen! Just wait until your preggers again....then you'll really be in trouble! And by the way, I didn't even notice either! :)
    I love that pic of Addie on your blog on the right! That smile is precious!

  5. Jen, the baby brain never fully goes away. Before I got pregnant this time I had it, not as often,not as obvious,but none the less, it was there.

  6. Sad thing is....I didn't notice it either and I haven't had baby brain since 1984!


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