Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nia & Nolan

I don't think there is anything sweeter than a picture of a toddler with their new baby brother or sister. When Dana told me she was having Nia and Nolan's picture taken, I couldn't wait to see how they turned out. Umm...can we say FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!

I think this one is just precious!! Nia looks exactly like Daddy and Nolan looks exactly like Mommy :-)

And here is the little man all by himself. I can't wait to hold this little peanut again!! Maybe Dana is home right now? Ha!


  1. adorable pictures! I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You have such a beautiful family:)

  2. Oh my heavens....cute just doesn't cover it.
    I love it!!


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