Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh To Be 21 Again...

One of the things I miss most about working full-time at the college is being able to live vicariously through my wonderful student workers. My very dear friend (and ex-student worker) Marie always kept me up to speed on her latest college adventures and I would do my best to offer advice and guidance (even though I mostly had examples of what NOT to do. HA!). And even though I have been home with Addie for almost a year now...we still manage to keep in touch and see each other whenever we have the change. Here is a picture from one of our latest lunch dates...

And here is a picture of my former office assistant and ALL of my old student workers at Addie's birthday party. Oh how I miss these girls!!!!

It is very rare to find such a dear group of friends at work, and it is ever more rare to be able to STAY friends even when you don't get to see each other every day. It dawned on me today that Marie celebrated her 21st Birthday this week and even though I am a few days late and didn't get to celebrate her b-day with the rest of the clan, I thought I would just take the time now to wish her a very

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!!!

We have some celebrating to do sweetie that involves cupcakes and margaritas. You let me know when you are ready and Daddy and Addie can have a father/daughter night :-) Love ya!


  1. I work at a college and I LOVE my student workers! I have become such good friends with them, I hope that I maintain those friendships through the years like you have! I had no idea you used to work at college. What did you do? I LOVE working there!

  2. Megan - I worked as a Program Director for the Community Education department and I taught section of English 101 each semester. I still teach English, but quit my director's position to stay home with Addie. When it does come time to go back to work, I will most definitely work for a college again. It was honestly the greatest job in the world (next to being a mommy of course :-) What do you do?


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