Friday, April 24, 2009

One Fun Friday

Boy oh boy...did we have one FUN Friday! Baby Bees was a success (finally) and the girls participated in all the activities. Here is the big parachute game we played to start the class off. Nia couldn't resist climbing to the middle. And yes, that is Dana looking fabulous after one month postpartum. B*tch :-)

The kids all loved this parachute/ball game we much so that many of them started crying when they put it away :-)

But have no fear, Addie found another activity that was just as much fun...the jumpy mat.

See me waiting at the other end? She would run all the way to me and then turn around just before I could grab her and run back to my mom. We played this game for the majority of the morning.

That is until I tossed her little butt in the circle mat. She wasn't a fan.

Oh, and Mr. Nolan made his debut today too and got to snuggle with Grandma all morning :-)

If all else fails at Baby Bees, Addie LOVES going to the mirror to check herself out....and give kisses. As you can see from the nasty finger prints all over this mirror...other kids love this too. GERM ALERT!

I literally had to tackle her to get her away from the mirror. Luckily, it was almost break time.

After Baby Bees, Addie and Grandma and I went to visit Great Great Aunt Odie again, since our last visit didn't go so well. Addie got to go for a ride on GG Aunt Odie's Rascal and she had a blast!

After our visit and a trip to McDonalds (I healthy), Addie took a fabulous 2 hour nap. Woohoo! And when she woke up, she was a ball of energy. So Daddy and Grandpa took her outside to play. It was a gorgeous 81 degrees today which makes me SO excited for summer!

See all those weeds in my beautiful mulch? That is my chore for tomorrow. It is suppose to be 80 again so I need to take full advantage and get some sun on my pasty pale face :-)

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  1. WEEEE!! Addie had a great time!!! Alexander attends Little Gym, which seems to be very similar to Busy Bees and HE LOVES IT!


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