Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring My A**!

Excuse the language folks...but seriously...COME ON! For weeks we have been experiencing this beautiful Spring-like weather. Not too warm...but warm enough for light-weight jackets and an occasional walk outside. I even have tulips popping up!!! But...I guess I am going to have to cover those now since SNOW is on the way!!! 

That's right my friends...our beautiful town is in for 1-3 inches. I was really getting excited thinking that this long, miserable, cold winter was FINALLY over but I should have known better. After all, it wouldn't be Chicagoland without a random April snow storm!! Oh well...on the bright side...I have been on a major closet cleaning mission today and tomorrow will force me to stay home and finish the mess I started. Lets just pray that the snow only lasts a short time...and that my beautiful little tulips live long enough to see Easter :-)


  1. Every year just when my magnolia tree begins to bud/bloom we get hit with some sort of storm that blows all the beautiful flowers to the ground...I didn't even have to watch the weather after I saw my tree budding... I just knew! Hopefully next week brings us some nice weather especially for Easter.

  2. I hear ya girlfriend! Hopefully your tree will survive :-( getting anxious for the big day?

  3. I blogged about the snow this morning. I was so disappointed!


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