Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Presies From Tennessee

Since my Mom absolutely spoiled the crap out of Addie while she was on her mini vacation in Tennessee, I thought I would show you all of the adorable presies she brought back. I tried to find links to the items (or something similar) in case you see something that is just too cute to pass up.

Pink Seersucker Lunch Box by Mint

With summer right around the corner (hopefully), this insulated lunch bag is perfect for trips to the beach, pool, zoo, ect. It is big enough to hold an entire lunch, sippy cup and snack so it is perfect for all-day trips. The lunch bag can also be personalized, which I think is great if you have multiple kiddies running around. My Mom personalized this bag for me, but I see that the Mint website will do it for you too. They have a ton of great fabrics (in case pink seersucker doesn't work for your little boy) so be sure to check them out here.

Great Rocky Mountain Piggy Bank

As you all know, Addie has one awesome piggy bank collection (thanks in large part to Uncle Ryan) so Mom thought she would add a Rocky Mountain piggy to the shelf. Isn't he cute? I love his little bug eyes that stick out from his body :-) If you are interested in starting a piggy bank collection for your little one, I found a fun site that is named appropriately. www.banksbanksbanks.com.  They have over 2,000 banks to chose from.

Magnetic Ceramic Alphabet Letters

I just LOVE these magnetic ceramic letters. They are bright and fun and Addie just loves playing with them on the fridge. I can't find a site for the exact letters my mom bought, but I did find a similar site and you can check them out here.

Brown Daisy Sandal by Squeak Me Shoes

When my mom told me she bought Addison a pair of sandals that squeak when she walks, I made three assumptions: 1) They were probably tacky 2) They were probably the most annoying thing in the world and 3) Addie probably wouldn't like them. Well...I was SO WRONG!! These shoes are totally adorable and what do you think Addie thought of them???

That's right my friends...she loved them! She couldn't get enough. Once she learned that her shoes were making the noise, she started dancing around the living room (in her diaper and Ripley's Aquarium shirt no less). I have put these shoes on her a few times in the house because she gets such a kick out of running around squeaking. Now if this sounds like your worst nightmare....your kids running around with squeaky shoes...just know that the squeakers are removable :-) The Squeak Me Shoes website has a TON of different styles to chose from so be sure to check them out.

Well thanks for all the adorable gifts Mama! We love you!


  1. It's Smoky Mountains. Not Rocky Mountains

  2. What a crack up the squeaky shoes must be! :0)

  3. Awww...those are all so fun! I'll have to checkem' out!

  4. You all will love the new Pink Suede and the Bling shoe. They are too cute!!! I just put them on the website.



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