Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday: Summer Sun Essentials

Even though there is SNOW in our forecast today, I can't help but think about summer. Because I plan to spend lots of time with Addie at our beach club and at Aunt Sue's pool, I thought I better start stocking up on some summer sun essentials. I just received my One Step Ahead catalog and here are some of the must-have items I circled. I think these all fall under the Cute & Practical category :-)

Adjustable Fabric Arm Floats

Nothing says summer like a pair of arm floaties! I think these are great because not only are they made of comfortable fabric, but they are also STYLISH! I mean come on...when you can make safety look cute...you know you are doing something right. Plus, I am a total sucker for ruffles :-)

Sun Smarties Fashion Shades

I know that eye protection is very important in the summer and because my baby girl can't seem to leave her regular sunglasses on her face, I thought these Sun Smarties would be perfect! They are attached to a comfortable neoprene strap that won't pinch fingers, and the lenses block out 100% of UV rays. And as you can see, they are 100% cute :-)

Sun Smarties Adjustable Swim Diaper

I know that reusable diapers are not for everyone, but since most disposable swim diapers are OUTRAGEOUS in price, I thought this was an awesome concept. The Sun Smarties swim diaper claims to contain leaks better because of their customized fit. And honestly, I am all for a product that will keep pee and...umm...other stuff...out of the pool I am swimming in. Oh, and what's better yet, these swim diapers are UPF 50+ so they protect you from accidents AND the sun :-)

Stay Put Adjustable Swim Shoe

I am not as concerned about Addie's feet when we are swimming in Aunt Sue's pool, but the terrain at our beach club is a little rougher. And because Addie is ALL over the place, I thought it might be nice to have a pair of shoes that she can wear on the sand and in the water. They also have skid resistant bottoms so when your kids are walking on a slippery pool deck, they won't loose traction.

 Sun Smarties Reversible Sun Hat

This Sun Smarties adjustable hat is such a smart idea...I wish I would have thought of it myself. First of all, the hat is UPF 50+ which is reason enough to buy it. But, it is also reversible! One side is a cool silk and the other is a comfortable terry cloth! Both perfect fabrics for summer. Also, this hat is adjustable which means it can last more than one summer!!! Finally...an item I won't have to pack up for good at the end of the season :-)

There are a TON of other great summer items at One Step Ahead so check it out if you are looking to stock up like I am. They are offering free shipping over $85 too! Enjoy!

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