Sunday, May 17, 2009

All Caught Up

I am happy to say that after my week long TV binge, my house is finally clean and back to in order! I do have some MAJOR laundry to do tomorrow but that is all. Whew! I love productive weekends :-)

So speaking of catching up, I thought I would share some cute pictures from Addie's last day at Baby Bees.

Of course, now that the class has come to an end, Addie and all her little friends are LOVING Baby Bees...and each other :-) That's okay...we plan to take it again in the fall.

The instructors decided to bring out all the kid's favorites and even though the bean bag toss caught Addie's attention for a few minutes, she wanted to make sure she got plenty of time on her favorite activity...the bouncy mat. Here she is running down to Grandma. 

And here she is running back up...

And running back down...

Needless to say...Grandma was pretty beat after class. I got the day off from chasing peanut and sat with Mr. Nolan. Addie made sure to check on him often :-)

Well I hope you all had a great weekend! I will be sure to report in tomorrow in between loads of laundry :-)

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