Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally A Little Summer

I was starting to wonder if summer was ever going to come this year. Between rain and 40 degree temps...I was sure it would be a long time before I needed to break out Addie's sunscreen and hat. But, the past few days have been absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we have taken full advantage.

So far, the playhouse Grandma and Grandpa Davis got her for her birthday has been a big hit. She knows how to ring the doorbell, open and close the shutters and hide all of her toys from Howie.

I always wondered why Howie found rolling around in the grass to be so enjoyable. I guess he isn't crazy because Addie loves doing it too. Maybe I should try it out and see what all the fuss is about.

The girl never stops running. I am glad Eric and I managed to find a house with a decent backyard AND a fence. you can see who she was running to. DADDY!!!

Eric was home in time for a little backyard fun and Addie greeted him with a big old kiss. So freaking cute!

The weather man says we have a chance of rain this weekend, but I am really hoping it holds off so we can have a few more days of this kind of fun. Plus, we have a LOT to celebrate this weekend! My mother-in-law Patti just found out that the biopsy she had on her breast last  Wednesday came back clean! No cancer!! Now her and my mom both have clean bills of boobie health this year. God is good :-)


  1. How cute is she! Great news about the mommies in your life. That is wonderful!

  2. No cancer..YAY! What a great day you girls had in the backyard!


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